Utstein Kloster Hotell will be expanded with 25 new rooms

Utstein Kloster Hotell will be expanded with 25 new rooms

The Utstein Kloster Hotell is planning expansion. According to the plan, the old naval house next door will be replaced by a new hotel suite and a room for 25 rooms.

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This is where the former garment factory, 25 new hotel rooms and warehouse are located.

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A zoning plan for the area around the Utstein Kloster Hotell, which is being prepared, states that chairman and co-owner Kato Osterhaus will apply to the municipality to demolish the seaside home, which once housed the Rekdal garment factory. The county municipality has given the green light to the plans, which aim to expand the hotel with 25 rooms and create a new family warehouse.

The zoning plan will be ready during May, and Osterhuss is optimistic about submitting the application to the municipality.

“We expect the plan to be approved within this year, and ready for construction in 2023,” Osterhus told Øyposten.

The county municipality has concluded that the dilapidated old sea house is not suitable for hotel purposes, although it is located within the so-called “consideration area” and should in principle be preserved.

But the county municipality assessed the condition of the building, and came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to use the building for what is now planned. Among other things, the ground floor is under water due to the spring tide, the building is dilapidated, and if it is to be reconstructed and used, it will cause a change in the facade so strong that an important reason to maintain the building is falling. , she says.

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The county thinks it’s a shame to lose a “representative of the history of the place,” but recognizes that adapting the plant to times with more frequent storms than today, could be challenging if the building is also to be used for hotel purposes.

Therefore, the county municipality can accept the demolition of the building and its replacement with new ones. But the new building should be in one style and not be too large to fit the surrounding cultural landscape.

The building in Mosterøy was built in 1948, after it was moved from Stavanger. The owner of the garment factory, Bjarne Rekdal, was originally from Vestnes in Romsdal, which was the center of the country’s garment industry.

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