January 30, 2023


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V believes that testing Folopan with full traffic would not have been a problem

In normal operation, Folopanen writes that there are a maximum of six departures per hour in each direction, but no test run with more than one departure per hour. Pinposton.

Ban Nor believes that it is impossible to test the same rail traffic as it is in full operation, an argument reiterated by Transport Minister Jan-Iver Nygaard (AP) to NRK on Monday morning.

– It is not possible to achieve full scale testing in Norway. That means you have to get trains from other operations to do that, Nygaard said.

Ban Nor hires Vy to run trains for test runs, rejects claims by Ban Nor and Transport Minister

According to Åge-Christoffer Lundeby, Head of Communications, it would have been unproblematic for Vy to provide enough trains to test with traffic similar to the timetable. He says that this is only planning and that such an order can be placed with a two-week deadline.

The prestigious NOK 37 billion project was officially opened on December 12, but had to close eight days later. No one knows when trains will be running again in Folopanan, but it will be February at the earliest. According to Ban Nor, the reason for the closure of the section was a fault in the return current system.

The Transport Minister has called Ban Nor to an emergency meeting on Tuesday at 3pm. There he will hear a preliminary report on the closure of Folopanan.

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