Vaccine resistance, a family tragedy | The father killed the whole family’s life

The man – a teacher at a vocational school – was exposed a few days ago as a major producer of fake vaccine passports.

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The bodies of children aged 4, 8 and 10 were found with their deceased parents this weekend. Police found that the father of the family, 40, had shot his wife of the same age and three children in the family’s villa in Königs-Wosterhausen – just outside Berlin.

The man – a teacher at a vocational school – was exposed a few days ago as a major producer of fake vaccine passports.

fake QR codes

The QR code handed over by his wife to his employer – a technical college – has been revealed. Now the investigation – and it may have been launched – was at the door. With this issue at the helm of production and sales, the man clearly thinks both spouses have to count on being caught and imprisoned.

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He also took it for granted that the girls would be forcibly removed and placed in an institution. And there they would certainly have been vaccinated against COVID-19, the 40-year-old thought.

On his computer, investigators can see that during the pandemic, the man violently radicalized himself, and was very active in chat groups of radical vaccine opponents – those who call themselves “free thinkers” (“Querdenker”).

“We will defend the family”

In recent weeks, he has reportedly contributed to posts such as “I am ready to defend myself by all necessary means” and “I am strong for my family – no matter what happens.”

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“Screaming throats” has become the term many politicians have used in recent days on those reluctant to use the vaccine.

The vast majority must suffer now because a minority refuses to submit to reason, the motto is.

The killings and suicides show how polarized Germany has become – in an intense debate about vaccines and vaccination obligations.

And this is only the beginning.

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Bayern Munich – Stern

Thursday evening also came news that Bayern Munich star Joshua Kimmich will suffer for a long time from bad lung as a result of his infection with Corona.

The young player has received fierce attention – and back-to-back criticism – for refusing to be vaccinated.

I’ve read somewhere that the vaccine itself can cause delayed infections. It turns out that two or three other players from the same club also run without vaccination.

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Not least the state’s prime minister, Marcus Soder, has repeatedly fired sharply at Bayern’s leadership – who cannot persuade their staff to act rationally – and also recognize that they serve as a role model for many youngsters.

The prosecutor told several media outlets today that the perpetrator in Königs-Fosterhausen was not at risk of incarceration or unconditional sentencing – or of being deprived of children.

Also, compulsory vaccination will never be relevant.

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