Valerenga, Dag Elif Fagermo | It’s hard to see who will save Vålerenga this year

Valerenga, Dag Elif Fagermo |  It’s hard to see who will save Vålerenga this year

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at this time Last year, Dag-Eilev Fagermo and Vålerenga were in serious trouble, an easy and steady football team off the table. After eight matches, the team has ten points (3-1-4) and now it is happening again (10 – 3-1-4).

Although Plan A is highly predictable, it’s good when it works.

Valerenga’s problem is that Plan B does not exist.

In this sense, the team is a “one-trick pony.”

It rarely makes a good circus out of it.

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I saw This before, many times, repeated itself as an example of the horror of VIF against Stabæk in Nadderud’s bumpy and uncontrollable Monday night. The fact that the pitch is mentioned as a factor makes Vålerenga’s approach to the game unlucky.

Dag-Eilev Fagermo’s football will be mostly played on the ground until the arrival of the post, a style of play adapted to artificial turf.

On a track that has barely been plowed since eating potatoes last fall, it’s going to be tough.

Morton b

Morten Pedersen is from Valerenga, east of Oslo. She worked as a freelancer at Arbeiderbladet while at school. To Dagbladet in 1986. Two spells as Dagbladet’s correspondent in London. The electronic newspaper from 2021. Editor and publisher of Football Magazine – 4-4-3 Gatelagmagasinet.

Against the Bohenian Lars Stabæk, in the 11v11 match, Vålerenga got two goals after two sets from set pieces. It says a lot about Stabæk’s home priorities, and even more about Vålerenga’s lack of strength and defensive ability in their own penalty area.

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The VAR’s sleep when 0-2 was checked by hand is no mitigating circumstance for Vålerenga’s performance in front of his own goal.

It was even worse with attempts to replace what was lost.

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in sa break VIF captain Stefan Strandberg said Valerenga should have played more like Stabæk, hitting long balls and becoming more direct in their style of play. It doesn’t. Football at Valerenga seems to come from the spinal cord, unchanging and highly predictable. Even when despondency should take them, Vålerenga plays as if the purpose is to kill time on the clock.

The first against nine players off the field after Stabæk’s first ejection six minutes into the second half.

After the second dismissal (82), with two more men on the pitch.

The ball bounced from side to side, slowly, as if it were a handball in slow motion.

Instead of bothering Stabæk with massive pressure, it facilitated the VIF players’ initiative and disclaimer on the opposition.

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This year AS Last year, when it’s not flowing, Vålerenga is its opponent. The team settles into play style. The desired reaction is almost as easy to implement to bachelor. It’s just a matter of bending over, accepting and pushing away.

Even with only eight players out, Stabæk didn’t have much trouble keeping Vålerenga at bay.

It says a lot about Lars Bohenen’s will and enthusiasm in his team, but it also says a lot about Vålerenga’s lack of a toolbox.

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Nothing surprising about it Valerenga. What you saw yesterday is what you get tomorrow. Sometimes it feels perfect, like against Lillestrom (before the break) and against your pigeons. Other times, it’s a must-watch.

After eight rounds in the league last year, things got worse before getting much better, and after 11 rounds in the league the team was in 14th place with only 11 points.

After 25 matches, the team is in fifth place with the Pilots in the top three and Europe.

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Football then and Now it was the same. Vålerenga only has one way of attacking against established defences. But the difference between the past and the present is what should frighten the 2023 edition – Osama Al-Sahrawi.

When Vålerenga got really good last year, he was the one who established form, went ahead and took the lead, creating imbalances with his dribbling, scoring goals and making assists.

It’s hard to see who will do that this year.

Precisely for this reason, Dag-Eilev Fagermo also has to get more legs for himself and the team to stand on.

It’s good to have experienced gameplay, but when it doesn’t work and can also be read as an open book, it’s time to turn the page.

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