Van der Leyen: Hungary threatens problem due to anti-homosexuality law

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Hungary threatens problem with EU due to anti-homosexuality censorship law

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The Hungarian parliament has approved a law restricting the right of young people to information about homosexuality and sex. EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen now points to the consequences.

U.S.Nergan is threatened with trouble at the EU Commission as the anti-homosexuality censorship law is passed. He was “very concerned about the new law in Hungary,” commission chairman Ursula van der Leyen wrote on Twitter on Wednesday evening. One checks to see if EU law is being violated. “I believe in a Europe that embraces diversity and does not hide it from our children. No one should be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation.”

If the EU Commission is to conclude when it examines the law that it is violating EU law, it may begin with so-called violation measures. It will end with the verdict of the European Court of Justice.

The Hungarian parliament on Tuesday approved a law restricting the rights of young people to information about homosexuality and sex. It provides restrictions on books, movies and other content carriers that are accessible to children and young people, and in which gender varies from gender to gender.

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In addition, homosexuals or homosexuals should be banned from any advertising that appears to be part of the norm. Critics see this as an attempt to introduce homosexual censorship based on the Russian model in the EU country of Hungary.

The law is a particular concern of Prime Minister Victor Orban, with critics accusing it of inciting prejudice against minorities. Orban has already attracted attention in the past with reports that critics have classified as racist and homosexual.

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