Vandalizing the Church – Promises a space for forgiveness

Vandalizing the Church – Promises a space for forgiveness

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During the night into Sunday, someone vandalized Lavanger Church. This is what the police in Trøndelag wrote on the morning of Sunday the 10th.

– The police received a report at 10.36 that two windows in Levanger Church had been smashed during the night. Neither was inside the church itself, and as it now appears, the relationship appears to have been sabotage, the letter says.

The damage agency at Levanger Church has already been reported to the police.
picture: Jonathan Hegdal Lierst

According to operations manager Kjetil Stene, two windows downstairs are broken.

“It might look like someone walked by and kicked them,” he says.

– Just stupid vandalism

He also says the church will report the damage.

Church caretaker Borg Lund says the broken windows were discovered by a church minister Sunday morning.

– Of course it's sad. Just stupid vandalism. I wish there was more respect for the church building, but sometimes things like this happen. Fortunately, he says, important cultural history was not destroyed this time.

Levangsbygg takes over at Stiklestad

This is what it looks like inside one window. Here is a storage room.
picture: private

Asking repentant sinners to come forward

In the church there is room for forgiveness, and the church custodian hopes that the repentant sinner will reach out.

– Repentant sinners are welcome to register. There is enough room for forgiveness for this incident in the church as well, Lund wrote in a text message afterward.

The windows lead into a storage room and the church warden believes it must be a matter of urgency to improve it. Initially, panels will be placed in front of the windows as a temporary solution.

On Sunday morning, it was discovered that these two windows had been broken.
picture: Jonathan Hegdal Lierst

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