Vanessa Lindblad: – The daughter’s name has been changed

Vanessa Lindblad: - The daughter's name has been changed

swedish podcaster, kayaVanessa Lindblad, founder and mother of two, confused many followers when she shared a photo from her 2-year-old daughter’s birthday on Instagram in February.

In the photo, Lindblad is sitting in bed with her 2-year-old daughter Cleo, but the birthday balloons have a completely different name: Mila. Below the photo, the podcaster wrote “Mila 2 years”.

“What happened to the name Cleo?” Ask a follower in the comments field.

Isn’t her name Cleo? ask another.

The four-year-old girl chose the name

On the Swedish podcast »Pod of success» The 37-year-old explains the name change in more detail. Several Swedish media covered the case, including express And the News 24.

To host Alexandre Barleros, the mother of two said she’s always loved the name Cleo, and that she considered the name when she was pregnant with her daughter. Later in the pregnancy, Lindblad felt she wasn’t 100 percent sure of the choice, but her son Matthew (4 years old) had already begun calling her little sister in the womb Cleo.

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– We hardly used the name and he intercepted it (Son, Diary.) and started calling her Cleo. Then my husband said, “Mathew chose it, and it’s nice that he chose the name,” she says.

The situation was not easier when the future daughter’s godmother, Swedish TV presenter Rebecca Stella (36 years old), wanted to give the girl a very special gift.

– Before I got it I asked: “Have you decided? Because I have something very beautiful that I want to give that cannot be changed later.” And then there was a diamond necklace named Cleo. Then I was subjected to more pressure. Later she decided on Cleo, she admits.

When Lindblad gave birth to her daughter, she said she saw right away that she “doesn’t look like Cleo.” However, she shrugged off her mind, assuming that the feeling would subside over time. you did not.

When her daughter was six months old, she told her husband, Valentino Lindblad, that she felt they had chosen the wrong name for the little girl. For his part, the husband felt that it was too late to change his daughter’s name.

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Tell it to the family

But the thought still bothered Lindblad. During a family trip to Dubai, I decided to spread the idea to the rest of the family. When the 37-year-old told which name she wanted her daughter to change, the whole family was positive about a possible name change.

But future godmother and podcast partner wasn’t open to the idea, when Lindblad spoke of wanting their podcast,”Now life begins».

Stella thought it was “something strange” and “don’t think one should do such a thing”. However, she encouraged her friend to “follow her heart”.

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In “Fråmgangspodden” the 37-year-old goes on to say that she started calling her daughter by her new name, and finally made the decision: now she wanted to change her daughter’s name.

– It’s Mila

Thus began a multi-step process. First, the couple had to talk about the name change in custody of their daughter, which Lindblad believes the name change was positive. They had several cleos in preschool.

Then came the move that Lindblad described as “scary”. It’s time to share the selection on Instagram, where the mom of two has nearly 100,000 followers.

Reactions were mostly positive, and many praised Lindblad for her courage and thought it remarkable that she had dared go her own way.

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Today, the founder of Caia is happy with the choice.

– I think she’s more than Mila, because she’s weird. It goes better with a softer name, it’s incredibly harmonious and calm, and I think Mila reflects that better.

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