Vegetarian and Vegan: – Rage Against Burger King:

Vegetarian and Vegan: – Rage Against Burger King:

It’s becoming increasingly easier to choose vegetarian or vegan, also at classic burger chains. But not everyone has the same requirements for how food is prepared.

Is it enough for a burger or nuggets to be vegetarian if they are fried in the same oil as fish burgers and chicken burgers?

Burger King surprises

Impossible, says one of our readers. I was shocked when I read more on the Burger King website.

– When Burger King markets vegan food, it sounds great, but they don’t mention that the vegan/vegetarian food to be fried is fried in the same oil as chicken and fish. To get this information you need to go to their website. “I was shocked when I read this on the Burger King website,” one DinSide reader wrote in an email.

She believes this is information that should be made clear in restaurants as well, not just on the website.

– For me, a vegetarian, it was incredibly disgusting and disgusting! It really misleads people! If you think you’re eating vegan, then it’s covered in chicken oil!

– Not an option

One might think that vegetarian and vegan fried food with fish and chicken is an urban legend. not.

– The way our restaurants are run today, unfortunately we don’t have the opportunity to prepare vegetarian and vegan products separately. Our veggie burgers are grilled on Burger King’s signature grill. Fried products, such as fish, chicken and vegetable cuts, are fried in the same oil, Gudrun Kathlei Leijrid, of Publicis MS on behalf of Burger King, wrote in an email to DinSide.

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– This is the only technical possibility we have to offer vegan products to our guests. Our experience is that many people appreciate the fact that we offer vegan alternatives despite the fact that we do not have separate product lines.

Vegan pop-up: For the next two weeks, Burger King in Storgata is completely vegan and vegetarian, so no fried chicken or fish.  Photo: Elisabeth Dalsig

Vegan pop-up: For the next two weeks, Burger King in Storgata is completely vegan and vegetarian, so no fried chicken or fish. Photo: Elisabeth Dalsig
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– Surely it wouldn’t be difficult to have a separate frying station for vegan food? Our reader writes.

She is frustrated with what she feels is Burger King not understanding what vegans/vegetarians are.

– If you have made an active decision to be a vegetarian/vegan, for whatever reason, you expect your food to be handled with this in mind.

The reader has been vegan for decades, but Burger King’s handling of this has made her skeptical about buying food.

– I have lost faith that the vegan food served in restaurants/fast food restaurants really is He is vegetarian.

Storgata’s vegan pop-up is completely meat-free, Lægreid explains, so everyone here can eat vegetarian and vegan burgers with a clear conscience.

Separate frying pan and utensils

Fried mix is ​​not applicable at competing McDonald’s restaurants. There, they always had a separate fryer for vegan food, says Christina Johansen, McDonald’s communications director.

– This is something that comes up on a regular basis, it’s sad, and I don’t quite understand where it comes from.

She says that in addition to having separate frying pans, they also have separate systems for filtering the oil before selling it.

– Fortunately, there are not many customers asking us about this, it comes from journalists.

Swedish burger chain Maxburger was the first of the large burger chains with an explicit vegan focus in Norway. We have contacted them, but have not received a response to our inquiries yet.

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