Verdal, Levanger | Replacing the old railway bridge with record speed: – There is no room for error here

Verdal, Levanger |  Replacing the old railway bridge with record speed: – There is no room for error here

Verdal/Levenger: Bane Nor announced on Wednesday hectic construction activity in Trønderbanen, where one of the operations was to replace a new prefabricated bridge at Bergsgrav in Levanger.

On Saturday morning at 04.00, the first shot of the operation, which had been planned for a year, was fired.

– We started with full pressure because here there is no room for error. “We are well ahead of schedule, even if we have some minor challenges,” says plant manager Ole Peter Volden at contractor Concolvo on Sunday afternoon.

Lifted 70 tons

At the time, crews from several contractors, including local company Austad Maskintasjon, were working on loose fill blasting on both sides of land vessels above the railway bridge.

The old bridge over the Rinnelva dating back to 1913 has been raised and replaced with a brand new bridge – with girders and rails already installed.

The crane that lifted the 70-tonne bridge was clearly visible in the countryside at the weekend.

– The bridge will be replaced for engineering reasons, in order to have better and safer traffic management on the Trønder railway line, says Volden.

While the artwork was underway, Bayin Noor bus after train passed through the site. Train traffic in Trønderbanen will resume as usual no later than 4pm on Monday.

Many improvements

Here is the work carried out on the Nordlandsbanen between Trondheim and Stenker, according to the press release issued by Bane Nor:

  • The entire Nordlandsbanen area is closed to traffic this weekend, and work is underway on the section between Trondheim in the south and Bodø in the north. In Trøndelag between Trondheim and Stenker, the following work is planned:
  • Grillstad: Installation of protective barriers on the tourist bridge in Grillstad. The bridge remains open throughout the weekend.
  • Ranheim-Wiekhammer: Track maintenance by welding rails.
  • Værnes Bus Station: Washing the facade of the bus station.
  • Stjørdal – Skatval: At Skatval station we will change sleepers. We will also be casting a cover and welding the rails over the Hulan Bridge. This work causes noise, and affected neighbors will be notified.
  • Skogen-Ronglan: We are carrying out routine checks, and we will change the girders along the stretch.
  • Ronglan Station: At Ronglan Station, we will replace the switch, which will cause a lot of noise. Affected neighbors will be contacted.
  • Levanger: We will build a new prefabricated bridge in Bergsgraaf (Rendelva). This action will cause noise, and affected neighbors will be notified.
  • Roura – Mother: We do routine checks.
  • Steinker Station: We will work with maintenance on two transformers.
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