– Very acid – VG

- Very acid - VG
Landing: Ragnhild Haga’s day in Oberstdorf wasn’t much fun.

OBERSTDORF (VG) Ragnhild Haga (30) was frustrated after 12th in the joint start in the Tour de Ski. Jesse Diggins (30) stole the win from Frieda Carlson (22) in the race.


– It was messy. I felt really good, so it was really boring. One of the most boring days I’ve had in a long time, Haga told VG after a ski race.

She was crying for parts of the interview and obviously frustrated. It was also easy to track the frustration in the target area.

On a very steep drive, I had a problem with the equipment.

– I broke the shaft on the first hill, then had to walk another whole hill without a pole. Then I got a rod that was way too low. I went with it, and finally got my own wand. I felt good, and I thought maybe I could go with some of the best. Then it’s boring that there are things going in the wrong direction.

Do you feel that you have more on the inside than it shows you?

– Yes, I really feel it. I feel like I’ve made good preparations for Christmas. Haga replied, ‘It’s been a good day for me, so it’s too bad.

– I heard this happen to you. Is he part of the Olympic squad you have in mind?

It’s better to show off your best side. In the tour summary, there is no crunch. Haga replies: It’s still a good race, but today I definitely had the opportunity to fight higher.

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Six contestants have already received a ticket to enter China (Therese Johaug, Maiken Caspersen Valla, Heidi Wing, Helen Marie Vossholm, Lotta and Terrell Odens-Wing).

And at the start of the Tour, Mathilde Myhrvold (2nd in Linzerheide) and Anne Kirsty Calvo (10th, 11th) also made strong bids for the bottom two.

Haga finished 42nd, 29th and 12th. This makes Olympic hope seem thinner and thinner for Haga, who before the season was smashed from the national team.

– How will you recover then?

– I’m going to try and surprise a little bit in the race tomorrow and just work on that.

Jesse Diggins triumphed in the joint start, taking a last minute lead over Frieda Carlson after a superb spurt without spells. Tatiana Surina came in third place.

– Diggins was strong. She was skating very quickly with her legs. I didn’t have much to disagree with, Carlson tells VG.

It looked like Carlson would win despite falling twice.

– It was a good race. Al-Suwaidi adds, I am satisfied.

In short, Diggins beats Kerttu Niskanen by 13secs and 14secs ahead of Natalya Neprjajeva after three out of six stages.

Frida Carlson, the pre-favourite, ranks 7th, 45 seconds behind. Same with Terrell Odense Wing and Ann Kjersti Calva.

Heidi Wing ranked fifth in the New Year’s Eve joint start and is number 12 in the summary. Ragnhill Haga is number 21 in the round.

– I am so happy. The others were better than me, Weng tells VG after fifth.

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