– Very high performance – E24

– Very high performance – E24

For those looking to enter the housing market, the housing tsunami is good news. But McClertop says it's important to hurry.

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High interest rates and expensive loans don't seem to scare Norwegians. In contrast, many players in the home market now have registered traffic.

Finn Eiendom says they are heading towards a better list – they have never had such a high visitor count before.

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This is how Jeanette (34) bought a home with no equity

In April, their home ads had more than 45 million visits, a 10 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

Chairman of Finn Eiendom, Jørgen Hellestveit.

Expect the price to rise

– In recent weeks, we have received 10-11 million visits every week. Jørgen Hellestveit, president of Finn Eiendom, says that we are actually heading towards an all-time high when it comes to viewing our home ads.

Spring dips in the housing market are unusual. There are currently 20,400 homes for sale in Finland. This is 31 percent higher than the same day a year ago, he says.

Especially in the capital city, the traffic jam is heavy now. So far in 2024, the number of new housing ads published in Oslo has also increased by 10 percent.

Hellestveit believes that many people have heard that house prices will rise in the coming years, and this has changed the dynamic.

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– Fin activity and viewing home ads can indicate that more people are now ready to jump the fence. At the same time, he says it could have something to do with the mood in the sales process and expectations of increased prices, while the majority think fewer or the same number of homes will be available as they are now.

– Important to Ola Nordmann

Brokers are also now experiencing increased traffic, says Grethe Wittenberg Meyer, CEO of Privatmegleren.

– Sales in May increased by 12 percent compared to last year. There is a very high level of activity in the market, he says.

Two years of pandemic followed by high price growth and expensive periods of inflation have driven prices higher, not activity. Meyer believes that we are now seeing a shift and that many who were sitting on the fence are now taking the plunge.

CEO of Privatmegleren, Grethe Wittenberg Meyer.

– Brokers assume that homebuyers understand the fact that they have to pay more. You need to adjust your consumption to the higher cost of living. He says this is very important to Ola Nordmann.

Eiendom Norge presents house price figures for May on Wednesday.

Prices are up 7.2 percent so far this year. Nationally, prices rose 1.2 percent in April.

Summers will be hot, but Meyer believes increased supply will keep prices more or less stable.

– I think summer and autumn will be better, but I don't think prices will rise more than 0.5 percent this week. Then it goes up in August, before it falls, but I don't think it usually falls, he says.

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One advice for buyers and another for sellers

– I have a son who is about to enter the housing market. I told you to enter in the fall. Because I think next year, 2026 and 2027, prices will go up a lot.

After a slow start, the housing market is forecast to feel the effect of fewer new homes on the market starting next year.

In a report, the socioeconomic analysis is concluded By the end of 2027 house prices in Oslo could rise to 33.

– For all those who are going to sell, I want to sit for as long as possible in the future. “I think prices will go up a lot going forward,” says Meyer.

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