– Very nice to chat with coffee machine – E24

- Very nice to chat with coffee machine - E24

On the first working day of the reopening of OSLO S (VG) Norway, thousands of passengers flocked through the Oslo S: – Now there is little stress again, says John Eric Raine.

Holiday: Oslo S is a hub for thousands of business travelers from all over eastern Norway.


The father of the small children rushed through the central train station on Monday morning. He travels daily from Sone in the south of Oslo to Nemtech as editor and with an office in Carl Johann.

– The train is late, I’m already a little late, Rain says Monday morning.

After screaming wild joy again in the city this weekend, “Manda Morra Blues” arrived in Skarnes for Anderson and others who had to go to work in Oslo.

More at work: Son by John Eric Raine.

John Eric Raine has been in the Sun Home office in the south of Oslo since October last year. Now he expects more time at work, even traveling time of more than an hour on each route.

– I think it makes sense with a little more difference between work and leisure. At the same time, the home office provides the best time for the family, and everyday life collapses easily, Raine says.

Seat Available: Silje Hody-Schwartz from Perm.

– The weekend is clear

Sylvie comes from Hawick in Hody-Schwartz Perm. She got a seat on the train on Monday morning.

– I was lucky. There were more people than usual. But the tunnel is even narrower, says Hody-Schwartz, who works with film productions in Modbrat.

Like many, she had a home office with most infections. Now waiting two working days at home and three days in the office.

She expects more social interaction in the workplace.

– It was great to come to work on the coffee machine and chat. On Friday I feel like I was somewhere other than home. The weekend will be a little clearer, I think.

Full Training: Arthur Asgrimson from Lancashire.

Wii is excited

Arthur Asgrimson is the technical manager at the Oslo City Shopping Center. During the corona infection he went to work as usual.

– I take the train every day. Today it was canceled from Sky, so it was packed, but it is as usual, says Icelander, who lives in Lancashire.

Roller Belt: The conveyor belt is tightly packed from the Oslo S platform.

Wy says the problem with the infrastructure at Sky Oak Dale was affected Monday morning.

– This is the first day of reopening, so we’m definitely excited, but reports of full trains are not yet available, says Vy ge-Christoffer Lundeby’s Communications Manager.

Vy’s CEO Vy Arvid Arnesen has a similar view.

– I came from Kongswinger, I don’t think there were more people than before the weekend, says Arnason.

Free Post: Jeanette Hanson from Rod.

– It is important to meet colleagues

Janet Hansen is in Oslo S because she is going to a conference. His business trip between Rhode and Moss is usually ten minutes.

– Since this summer, we have been in the office two days a week. I have little vacancy and have been allowed to be more at work.

– What do you think about it?

– Very good, because it is professionally important and can meet colleagues. In the future, it will be more flexible and I think that will be good too, says the lawyer in Moss Municipality.

Usage: Monday morning rush, buses and trams at Gernbandorket.

– Slight increase in traffic volume

Buses, trams and subways take passengers further from Jernbanetorget.

– Today, the public transport picture was as usual, emergency traffic as we have seen in recent months, says the press officer on the router Sophie Brunel.

The public transport company knows from experience that it will take some time from behavioral changes.

As of Monday morning, there are no statistics on how many cars are on the road and how many queues are on the Vegtrafikksentralen st, but they still report increased traffic.

– Looks like there are slightly more rows than there used to be. The duty officer at Vegtrafikksentralen dutyst Mikeel Olsen says there may have been a slight increase in traffic, but it was gradual, so there has been no major change since last week.

See the chaos that reopens Saturday night:

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