– Very serious

– Very serious

– I’ve never seen it this bad before. Marine biologist Tanospong Bukavanich says it’s very dangerous Reuters.

In recent days, a “dead zone” containing large amounts of plankton has appeared off the coast of Chonburi Province in eastern Thailand.

Marine scientists say that in some areas of the Gulf of Thailand there is more than ten times the normal amount of plankton.

This has given the water a bright green colour, and could threaten life in the sea.

He sounds the alarm: – Psychopaths!

Livelihoods are threatened

The coast in Chonburi is especially famous for its numerous mussel farms.

According to Satishat Themkrajong, president of the Chonburi Fisheries Association, nearly 80 percent of facilities in the region will be affected by the bloom.

Many local fishermen reported the loss of large amounts of crops.

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Stifling life in the sea

According to experts, such plankton usually bloom once or twice a year, and last between two to three days.

During this time, they can produce toxins that harm the environment, or they can suffocate marine life by consuming the oxygen in the water and blocking sunlight.

Plankton bloom once or twice a year. According to experts, it usually lasts between two to three days.

The hotel owner makes a shocking discovery

The hotel owner makes a shocking discovery

– It’s going to get worse

The reason for the violent escalation is currently unclear. However, scientists point to the pollution and rising temperatures that accompany climate change.

“The El Niño phenomenon causes drought and rising sea temperatures,” Tanospong told Reuters.

Everything will get worse if we don’t make changes in how we manage our resources, regulate water consumption, or live our lives.

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