– Very stressful – V.G

- Very stressful - V.G
Tired of strikes: Andrea Nux is in her third year at Lillestrom High School studying the International Baccalaureate – an international school course in more than 100 countries. Passing the IB provides general study skills and access to study at universities and colleges in Norway and abroad.

Andrea Knux (18) is a graduating student at Lillestrom High School who was affected by the strike. The Eidswole girl fears the prolonged strike and loss of valuable guidance in hard science subjects could ruin the school year.

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– I began to feel very depressed because of this terrible strike. That’s because it’s so awkward for students who’ve been through the pandemic and multiple periods of homeschooling, Andrea tells VG on Sunday evening.

She has just finished her shift at her part-time job at the Shell station in Eidsvoll Verk.

That Sunday news The teachers’ strike will continue next week. The worst news she could get.

His home school, Lillestrom High School – He went on strike shortly after school started. This hits graduate students like her very hard.

– I am taking IB course. This is probably an additional requirement. We have a great curriculum. I feel behind. No guidance received. Self-directed also becomes difficult, Andrea tells VG.

Empty desks: Little student activism in classrooms at Lillestrom High School during the teachers’ strike.

– Summer vacation number two

He has already been on strike for five weeks. This is more than ten percent during the academic year. Now this absence could be even longer.

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– It’s a strange feeling sitting here on the second summer vacation. At the same time, there is also a growing sense of wanting to do more in school. I often go home without doing anything in particular, explains the 18-year-old.

The strike tent: The teachers’ strike also means a more or less solid strike tent outside the strike-affected schools – here at Lillestrom High School.

– Study plans after high school?

– Aim to study medicine abroad. She replied knowing full well that I have no more time to fail vg3 and have to go for high school diploma.

Together with her fellow students in Lilleström, Andrea teaches two hours a week.

Eidsvoll girl Romerike spends almost as much time commuting to and from school in town.

She believes that now the Govt Compulsory Wage Board considers and ending the strike – without considering the consequences for the many students affected.

– Many students struggle mentally as well. It is very difficult for them, says Andrea.

Many industry experts have spoken to VG in the past that the strike will succeed Serious consequences for children and adolescents. Effects of strike Getting worse everydayAccording to the state administrator in Møre og Romsdal.

Self Study: A student at Lillestrom High School tries to work on schoolwork despite the school strike.

– Turns out to be angular

Aslak Berndtsen Husby, president of the student body that unites all upper secondary students in Norway, understands that students like Andrea are being hit hard by the extended strike.

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– The continuation of the strike is a particular humiliation for elementary and middle school students. I understand very well that they are stressed because the school year is not off to a great start. At the same time, we support the strike because students deserve qualified teachers, Huspi tells VG on Sunday evening.

Julie leaves the teaching profession: “I feel like I’m on a sinking ship”

Student President: Aslak Berndtsen is president of Husby’s student body.

– Isn’t this strike starting to affect some students, for example graduate students?

– Yes, the strike is hitting grad students hard, and it’s backfiring because there are many who aren’t affected. It is therefore important to adapt and facilitate teaching especially for strike-affected students when schools resume post-strike.

– How?

– They should prioritize spending time.

– Is the student body considering asking for a canceled exam?

– We haven’t done that yet. First, you have to have the right knowledge base, then you have to evaluate it, responds the student leader.

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