Veteran steamboat “Stord 1” has wrecked on the luxury yacht “Shinkai” in Vågen in Bergen

Veteran steamboat “Stord 1” has wrecked on the luxury yacht “Shinkai” in Vågen in Bergen

– This is the pride of the veteran fleet. But right now I don’t feel like it, then.

Stord 1 after clashing with Shinkai on Thursday afternoon.
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He supported the veteran steamboat Stord 1 Thursday night on the luxury yacht Shinkai as it moored at Lehmkull Pier in Fujin.

The collision occurred at approximately 18:45.

BT spoke to witnesses who say the steamboat suddenly advanced at full speed before impact. A crew member, who was not named, told BT that it was a technical error.

Superyacht has visible damage on the starboard side:

Shinkai clearly marked after the collision.

Atle Vie is a member of the board of directors of “Stord 1” and manages insurance.

We are aware of the damage and have called our insurance company, Vie says.

He says he is now on his way to the place to make contact with the captain of the yacht.

“The process now is that I’ll have a conversation with someone on that ship, and then we’ll have an inspection tomorrow,” he says.

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This yacht is located in Byfjorden. Nobody knows who the owner is.

Not an ordinary cargo ship

Havtrygd secures the steamer. Bjarte Wallevik is the company’s Incident Manager.

– We’re hiring an appraiser now. Walvic says we will check and find out the damages and materials, not at least try to find out what caused it.

He says it’s too early to say anything about the range.

– I see in the pictures that there are scratches in the paint, but it is difficult to tell if there is an impression on the side of the ship. From experience, the skeleton on the back may have taken a hit, although it looks nice on the outside, he says.

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This photo was taken right after the impact.

– I’ve never experienced anything like that

He says the materials the yacht is made of will be crucial.

– This is no ordinary cargo ship of steel, here. There will be some groundbreaking work. He says I have never experienced anything like this yacht.

The repair is usually done by the shipping company that owns the boat. He says whether that is the case here is uncertain.

– I have an idea that this will be a slightly different case than the one we are accustomed to. We should see who can repair such boats, Walvic says, among other things.

The Operations Center in the Western Police District informed BT that they were not involved in the case, but that has changed.

– We are in contact with «Stord 1». It is located near Salus, and we have a police boat on site. The Norwegian Maritime Directorate has also been informed, says Frode Kultveit, director of operations for the Western Police District.

Veteran’s Pride

Atle Tornes is the Managing Director of the organization that runs “Store 1”.

The ship is from 1913. It is 50 meters long and weighs 468 tons. It works with steam, according to him.

– This is the pride of the veteran fleet. But right now I don’t feel like it, then. But we have to take the time to help and see what happened here, he says.

Veteran boat cruiser with British tourists, according to BT Experience.

“European” owners

Who owns the large yacht is unknown. The police in Bergen previously reported that there was a Russian landlord.

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– According to the captain, there are no Russian royal interests associated with me «Shinkai». This is backed by all documents we have received from the ship, Vibeke Møgster has at the ship’s Norwegian agent, Alex. Birger Grieg AS, formerly told BT.

– Mogester said the captain told us there were European owners, not Russians.

“Shinkai” is owned by a number of companies, which eventually end up in the so-called Trust in Guernsey. Such trusts are often used to hide the ownership of companies or assets.

BT has previously been informed by several independent sources that the boat will be owned by Belgium.

She has her own submarine

The yacht is approximately 55 meters long. It was built by Feadship in the Netherlands in 2021.

The vessel was designed by Vitruvius Yacht, who calls it an exploration yacht. Among other things, it will be equipped with a separate submarine for three people, according to international boats.

It is currently flying the flag of the Marshall Islands. The yacht has a hull that can withstand ice and is equipped for arctic waters.

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