VG Eurovision reviews the final song by song – VG

VG Eurovision reviews the final song by song - VG

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Full speed: The Zdob and Zdub & Advahov brothers of Moldova exhibit “Trenulețul” energy.

Torino (Viji) Subwoofer tried wholeheartedly on the Eurovision stage, but Ukraine’s strong opinion may have occurred so far.


The context of “Stefania” is so painful and familiar that it is impossible to relate it to neutrality, “writes VG commentator Tor Martin Bøe. Ukrainian contribution For a dice.

From the stage came the Kalush band with strong prayers:

– Please help Ukraine, Mariupol. The only thing I ask of you is to help Ukraine, ”said Ole PC, a rapper and leading player after the show, like Mariupol.

Loud applause for Subwoofer

Yellow Wolves in Subwoofer performed the wild applause song “Give That Wolf A Banana” in Turin’s Press Room.

Viji performance training three, when throwing parts Swedish Uptonbladet Four of the five possible points.

– Norway understands everything, writes the critic in Sweden’s largest newspaper.

After the performance, NTB writes that Subwoofer climbed the list of gaming companies and surpassed Greece.

The song was co-written by Subwoofer members “Jim” and “Keith” along with DJ Astronaut. Subwoofers still retain their true identities Secret.

TT: The Kalush band from Ukraine is very popular. Here they are during the last dress rehearsal on Saturday.

Many “Norwegian” contributions

Norway is “with” two more countries:

Norwegian-Greek Amanda Georgiadi Denfjord of Alessandro finished 17th in the final, where she sang “Die Together” as a representative of Greece.

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The Czech Republic opens the ball with the VR Domi team, where two of the three members Norwegian. They are Caspar Hotstat and Benjamin Rexstat. Sung by Dominica Hasek in the electro-pop band.

Give peace a chance

During this year’s Eurovision final in Turin, Italy, the message from the opening numbers was to give peace a chance.

The iconic John Lennon song was performed by the Italian program “Rockin ‘1000” and was sung by over a thousand musicians simultaneously.

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Option of Ukraine

Considered a Ukrainian Kalush band Clear favorite Of gaming companies, ahead of Sweden.

The overall outlook shows that Ukraine has a 60 percent chance of winning just hours before the final.

Sweden has an 11 per cent chance of winning and England 10 per cent.

Ukraine finished twelfth in the final.

The Eurovision final will be partly marked by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia is not allowed to participate.

Song review for the song! Follow the verdict and judge for yourself:

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