VG-lista, culture and entertainment | Camilla (19): – I wanted to come back and do it again

VG-lista, culture and entertainment |  Camilla (19): – I wanted to come back and do it again

– When I went out on stage, all I saw were a lot of heads covering the whole place. The people in front were very busy, they waved at me and wanted to take my hand.

“It was absolutely sick,” Camila Himmat describes enthusiastically.

Just over two weeks ago, after beating 300 others, nesbu was announced as the winner of the “VG-lista Top 40 Feat You” music competition. Prize: Performance with their version of the Karpe song “BARAF/FAIRUZ” at Rådhusplassen.

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I will do it again

Friday was ready for the biggest free concert in Scandinavia. Last year there were about 50,000 people in attendance as part of the VG lineup and the place was very crowded this year as well. She says the 19-year-old had a great time on stage the next day.

– It was a lot of fun, but it went by so fast that I barely remember anything when I got off the stage. “I wanted to go back and do it again,” she says with a laugh.

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It was also great to see VG judging. Roll the dice five newspaper references after the performance.

Then I was a hundred and I was very happy. It was fun to watch.

-What will happen next?

– Release your own songs. Just give it as much as I can and take advantage of this opportunity here for all it's worth.

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I met many celebrities

Many other artists were also at the event. She says many of those she has been in contact with in the past. On social media, the Romanian king has covered several songs, and artists happened to reach out to the 19-year-old.

-It was so much fun to finally meet them “face to face.” Everyone was so nice and welcoming.

(The condition persists while the nasal arch appears)

Shortly after the concert, Camilla saw the recording and described it as “sick.”

– It was very painful to see myself on this stage and from different angles. They also film from above, on the stage and the entire audience. It is unfortunate that in previous years I traveled to see great artists on the same stage.

– It's really cool. It's one of the biggest parties in Norway, and it was my first live show on VG's roster, she says cheerfully.

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