VG undergoes new data attack tonight – VG

VG undergoes new data attack tonight - VG
Attack: VG and Shipstead were attacked on Wednesday for service denial.

The night before Thursday, VG again came under attack for denial of service, where the attacker ensured too much traffic towards the website, creating technical issues.


At 14.39 on Wednesday, we gained full control within hours of the first attack. At one o’clock last night, a similar service attack took place again. We quickly gained control, and was unstable for only three minutes, says VG Øyvind Brenne’s Development Editor.

A service denial attack is an attack in which someone delivers too much traffic to a site.

Traffic is coming from various places around the world, and regular users of VG are experiencing instability. Often the goal is to remove a website.

Brenney insists VG was not hacked.

– This is a service denial attack, the purpose of which is to remove the website. There is no indication that anyone has entered our organization and that it was not the purpose of the denial of service attack, says Bren.

If VG had been hacked, the attackers, for example, might have intended to retrieve personal data or modify the content on the website, but this did not happen, Brenney explains.

VG has prepared good procedures for dealing with such attacks and has all the tools needed to gain control.

Yvind Brenne, Development Editor VG.

Severe attack on NRK

NRK also suffered a service attack on their website on Wednesday.

– At 18:40 last night we were subjected to a denial attack. It lasted five minutes, and we had about five minutes of idle time at, says Thomas Walter von Durres, NRK’s ​​technical head.

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The Norwegian media was attacked, he said, as expected. Those who carry out such attacks often search for sensitive websites or high traffic websites.

– They often want to create visibility or fear for themselves and their group and show that they can do harm. Or they may be trying to shut down websites, says Walter von Durres.

– It was a powerful attack, but we thought the amount of damage was not too great. He says it’s more like carnage than real damage.

Normal functioning after an attack

Describes the National Security Commission Was hit by a low-level crisisAnd he says most large companies are well prepared for such events.

Businesses such as BankID, Arbeidstilsynet, Skatteetaten and NAV were also attacked on Wednesday.

– Our assessment is based on the conversation with the affected companies under our own supervision, which has now been handled and the affected services are functioning normally, says the Executive Chairman of the National Cyber ​​Security Center. Thursday afternoon NSM Lean Calendar.

– The reason for this, he says, is that traffic from attackers has been reduced, except that the companies in question have implemented effective measures until yesterday.

The Russian actor announced the attack

Service attacks on several large Norwegian companies were announced on Wednesday by the Russian group Killnet.

See above picture of Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt, who looks like a Maleficent mask from the Disney movie of the same name.

– Good morning Norway! Everyone is ready to attack!

“Mrs. Error,” they refer to the Norwegian Foreign Minister.

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Killnet was a well-known pro-Russian fighter behind several computer attacks in support of the Ukrainian invasion.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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