Victor Hovland to Dagbladet:-

Victor Hovland to Dagbladet:-

This week, Victor Hovland and the rest of the global elite will be settling in to win the FedEx Cup when the Tour Championships kicks off at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia. And total prizes?

520656000, which is just under 500 million Norwegian kroner.

The winner of the entire FedEx Cup takes with him 130 million kroner, while the last place gets the small money of $395,000, which is roughly the equivalent. 3.4 million Norwegians must be said to be perfectly fine to be their last.

Hovland enters the tournament in 13th place, but it will still be difficult for the Norwegian to move forward.

Find out why further down the case.

win over: Victor Hovland after his second PGA Tour win. Photo: AP Photo/Robert Fedez
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Gold mine

The very high sums of money in a global sport like golf is not a big surprise. One of the greatest of them all, Tiger Woods, tops statistics more dollars recorded in his golf career on the PGA Tour.

With a record 1.1 billion crowns, just on the PGA Tour, Hovland clearly has a way there.

The Norwegian has scored so far this year in Just under 50 million NOK, but if you include both the European Tour and the WGC, he will pay 50 million kroner.

Viasat golf commentator Joakim Mikkelsen believes that cash prizes mean a lot to the second best players, but that may not be the focus of the best.

– There is a reason why so many are trying to get out on the PGA Tour. If it was just an honor and glory, Mikkelsen tells Dagbladet, I don’t think many of them ever tried.

win over: Victor Hovland took his second PGA win late Sunday night. Watch the PGA Tour on Eurosport and Eurosport Player. Video: GOLFTV.
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The commentator further says that he doesn’t think one can expect the most comprehensive answers from players if you ask them how they see the issue around huge sums.

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At the digital press conference the day before the Tour Championships, Dagbladet took matters into his own hands.

What is your relationship with money, Victor?

I live in Oklahoma, one of the cheapest states in the United States, and I haven’t spent exactly that much money. That’s not why I’m doing it, Hovland tells Dagbladet.

But although he does not play golf because of the money, he does not hide that it is useful.

– It’s really cool then! So, I don’t hate money, it’s okay to have that freedom to do whatever you want and make things easier for yourself, he laughs.

No matter how well I did this week, it wouldn’t change my life. I should just wake up the next day and try to get better at golf, the 23-year-old continues.

In addition to the crazy cash prize, a bonus is given through «Player Impact Program», an additional sum of just under 350 million kronor to be distributed to the 10 players on the PGA Tour that generate the most traffic on social media. There are many factors like number of clicks on google play a role as well.

Playing partner: Victor Hovland (centre) plays Louis Oosthuizen (right) on Thursday.  Photo: AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack
Game partner: Victor Hovland (centre) plays alongside Louis Oosthuizen (right) on Thursday. Photo: AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack
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This is how the tournament is played

Hovland hits at 19.00 Norwegian time on Thursday evening. With the format being played in the Tournament Tournament, players start with different grades. (See overview at the bottom of the case.)

The Oslo boy starts with seven strokes behind the leader, which means he must go at least seven strokes better than the leader in four rounds so he can decorate himself with the FedEx Cup winner’s title. Mikkelsen thinks this will be very difficult.

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“I’m always positive on Victor’s behalf, but when he starts so late, it’s hard to believe so much,” says Mikkelsen.

– Do you think that the fact that he starts from the back and has to chase from the beginning can have a positive effect, and make him drop his shoulders?

– You can always think that there are psychological things that can have a positive effect, but in any case, he starts seven strokes behind the most important player in the world. The realist in me struggles to see it as a positive.

  • Hovland hits pit 1 at 19.00 NST with Louis Oosthuizen. The tournament can be watched on Eurosport Norway and Golf TV.

This is how the players begin

  1. Patrick Cantlay -10
  2. Tony Fino -8
  3. Bison DeShampoo -7
  4. John Ram-6
  5. Cameron Smith – 5

Numbers 6 through 10 begin with the number -4, while numbers 11 through 15 begin with seven strokes behind the leader at -3. Hovland is number 13.

16-20 .- The place starts from -2, while 21-30 starts equally.

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