Victor Suteberg, Wedding | Viktor Sotberg lifts the veil on engagement: – I didn't want anything serious

Victor Suteberg, Wedding |  Viktor Sotberg lifts the veil on engagement: – I didn't want anything serious

In April, TV personality and YouTuber Viktor Suteberg (32) shared the happy news that he had become engaged to his boyfriend of ten years, Kenneth Karegaord (34).

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These days, Sotberg is in Fredheim gård in connection with “Farmen kjendis,” and there won't be much wedding planning there.

But before Suteberg traveled back 100 years, he was able to reveal to Netavissen the details of the amazing engagement and wedding.

The wish came true

In recent weeks, Suteberg has had to fend for himself without his fiancée while taping, but it's something the couple are used to. But this time it's even more special, as they recently got engaged.

– Obviously it will be difficult to stay away from the genre for a long time. But we've done it before and we've done it well, but maybe I'll feel it in a week's time,' Sottberg told Netafsen at the end of May.

Before Suteberg left to record, the couple got to enjoy their time as newly engaged couples, and the courtship is still fresh in the 32-year-old's memory.

When the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary earlier this spring, it was done in relaxing, luxurious spa experiences. But Suteberg never imagined he would end up with a ring on his finger:

-We fed ourselves all day and had a good dinner. When we got back to the hotel room, we drank some bubbly before going to bed, and that's when he got down on one knee and proposed.

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The TV profile describes the show as unexpected and intimate, and the moment itself was absolutely perfect, just as he had imagined it.

“It was exactly the kind of offer I wanted, something we could have between us,” he says and continues:

-I didn't want any big things to be public in front of a lot of people. I wanted it to be just for us.

– Things haven't changed

According to the 32-year-old, not much has changed since the engagement, although he can't hide the fact that they have become more flirtatious and newly in love since the engagement.

– When you get engaged, it seems very grand and grand, but in reality it is not. Things haven't changed for us, he says, laughing.

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It seems like the new courtship period has settled down a bit for Sotberg and Karijord, but they've made good use of that time:

-We spent a long weekend in Stockholm and watched Taylor Swift and had a great time, so we were able to take advantage of our newfound crush.

Although the couple has settled into life as an engaged couple, they have not yet touched on wedding planning. Even if they have clear plans for the wedding, it will take some time until they are announced as a real couple.

– We haven't reached that point yet. But what we do know is that we won't be engaged forever. “We're going to get married, so to speak,” says Sotberg.

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Planning a wedding often takes a long time, and since the couple did not want to delay the engagement, they envisioned a wedding in two years, in 2026. This is also due to other reasons, including the hectic schedule of the TV show:

– There is a lot going on in the future, and wedding planning takes time.

“So when you get married for the first time, you have to go through everything you can,” he adds.

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