February 1, 2023


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Victoria Beckham: - Criticisms: - Very dangerous

Victoria Beckham: – Criticisms: – Very dangerous

It’s no secret that so Singer and former Spice Girls fashion mogul Victoria Beckham (48) Known for their intense focus on body and weight, they are also no stranger to extreme diets.

But in the end, it must have gone so far that the 48-year-old’s friends felt the need to put their feet up, and since then the focus has shifted. And now she revives the female body in all its forms.

Surprise: Victoria Beckham has long replaced dancing shoes and the life of a pop star with high-heeled shoes and a new life as a fashion designer. But this does not mean that she forgot the ancient arts. Video: Victoria Beckham / Instagram
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– You want boobs and ass

The fashion mogul recently gave an interview to Grazia Magazine Regarding the new clothing collection VB Body. There she talks about the changes that have occurred in recent years in terms of female idealism. Unlike before, she now has a completely different view of her.

It’s no longer fashionable to want to be really skinny. I think women today want to be healthy and fit. They want boobs and ass. She explains to the magazine that the more slender I am, the better my clothes will be.

Furthermore, Beckham notes that she believes that the ideal body model today is liberation. She now believes that more people would rather be slim than ultra-thin, which she finds inspiring to her children.

Meet the stars: Many people have taken this selfie, which was taken by Pia Guelta and David Beckham. This is the story behind it. Video: Kåss Tonight, NRK
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There are many curvaceous women in Miami and they really have it. They walk around Miami Beach in little clothes and look great. They flaunt their bodies with such confidence. I think their style and style is very liberating, she says, adding:

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As a mom, I love being around women who celebrate their shapes and love their looks.

– Too dangerous

The 48-year-old seems content with his own statements about the female body, but admittedly they haven’t been on good terms with everyone. British TV Personality Piers Morgan (57) He is among those who responded, writes the Australian News.

He was astonished by many of Beckham’s statements. During Wednesday’s episode of his talk show “Uncensored,” he vehemently goes against the fashion mogul and doesn’t hide what he thinks.

Responses: TV host Piers Morgan reacts aggressively to Victoria Beckham's recent comments about the female body.  Photo: Dominic Lipinski / Pa Photos / NTB

Responses: TV host Piers Morgan reacts aggressively to Victoria Beckham’s recent comments about the female body. Photo: Dominic Lipinski / Pa Photos / NTB
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Is this the same Victoria Beckham who was famous for eating lettuce for lunch?

-For many years skeletons, skinny, blank models have used cheating models to promote their fashion, which I have regularly criticized as a very serious inspiration to the millions of young girls who follow her on social media, he continues.

a race: Journalist and presenter Piers Morgan is angry about tonight’s interview with Meghan and Harry. Video: CBS / ITV
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Furthermore, Morgan claims to be suspicious of the fashion designer’s surprising physical posture. He believes that this is due to the poor performance of her business, and therefore she has to think in new directions.

– If we look at Sports Illustrated’s latest cover, it turns out that the new version of being thinner is the bigger one, and that’s where all the money is going now.

according to Watchman For example, sales figures for the Beckham clothing brand are down as much as six percent from the previous year. They also wrote that the clothing brand has cut prices for dresses by up to 40 percent in the past six months.

Among other things, they also started using simpler designs and lighter fabrics to lower prices and increase sales demand.

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