Victoria Beckham: – sharp criticism:

Victoria Beckham: - sharp criticism:

Former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham, 48, has been known over the years for her slender figure. However, different diets have led Early for eating disorderssomething she opened herself several times.

In recent years, she hasn’t told what she’s actually eating, but her husband David Beckham, 47, was able to share his wife’s eating habits in February. He did it on the podcast River Cafe Table 4.

There he can reveal it The wife ate the same meal every day For 25 years – as long as the couple was together.

– Since I first met her, she has been eating grilled fish with steamed vegetables only. The soccer star said on the podcast that she rarely walks away from it.

a race: Victoria Beckham, better known as “Posh Spice”, reacts to the uncomfortable situation she was exposed to when he visited the talk show “TFI Friday”. Reporter: Björg Dahle Johansen. Video: AP / «TFI Friday»
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Beckham has now recovered from popular video-sharing service TikTok, as one of her first videos – which has been viewed five million times, shows her diet, writes a Dane Extra Bladet.

“Tell me you’re proud, without telling me you’re proud,” she says in the video, referring to her Spice Girls Posh Spice nickname. The word “luxury” is often replaced by “snobby”.

Then the waiter comes and lifts the lid of the plate. There is a small piece of salmon with a pile of boiled vegetables next to it.

However, not everyone sees the humor in the video, and fans are now claiming the model mogul is taking the food joke too far.

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sharp criticism

Many followers point out that it’s a bad way to share something like this, when large parts of the world’s population are struggling to make their daily lives go up financially.

Inflation has also been picking up in the UK recently, with prices for everything from petrol to food rising, and more families struggling to make ends meet.

Surprise: Victoria Beckham has long replaced dancing shoes and the life of a pop star with stiletto heels and a new life as a fashion designer. But this does not mean that she forgot the ancient arts. Video: Victor
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“Read the room. This is not the time and place for something like this,” one critical follower writes.

Another writes: “You are not in line with reality.”

A third writes: “Tell me that you know nothing of what is happening in the world, without telling me that you know nothing of what is happening in the world,” while a fourth continues:

“Victoria, people are unable to feed their children.”

However, a number of followers are taking a stand in defense of the 48-year-old, and point out that it is all just a joke. Victoria Beckham herself has the advantage of responding to criticism.

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