Victoria Nadine, Ed Sheeran | Victoria Nadine on her dream come true at Stavern Festival – and an unexpected karaoke with Ed Sheeran.

Victoria Nadine, Ed Sheeran | Victoria Nadine on her dream come true at Stavern Festival – and an unexpected karaoke with Ed Sheeran.

On Thursday, the stage was set for the second of four days at the Stavern Festival, with a number of well-known artists from home and abroad performing over the weekend.

Today's programme was opened by Norwegian artist Victoria Nadine, 25, who told Nettavissen that playing at the famous festival had been a long-standing dream.

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“It's very painful to sit here and think, 'I've done it now,' and it's gone well,” Nadine tells Nettavisen.

Karaoke with Ed Sheeran

Despite the fact that the 25-year-old opened the festival weekend with a full set, it is Ed Sheeran, 33, who will close the evening's programme.

However, both Nadine and Sheeran caused a stir earlier this year, when Nadine's boyfriend, Norwegian DJ phenomenon Kygo, posted: A series of photos with Sheeran and his girlfriend at a karaoke bar in Tokyo.

In front of Netavisen, the Norwegian pop star laughs at the “accidental encounter.”

– Karaoke in Tokyo, random, yeah, laughing.

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It felt natural.

Although the 25-year-old thought it was random, she says Kygo and the British pop artist knew each other a little bit before.

Kygo did a remix of one of Sheeran's biggest hits, “I See Fire”, and it led to a friendship.

“We were in Tokyo because he had performed there himself, so it became natural to ‘catch up’ after the show, so he asked us if we wanted to join in on the karaoke,” Nadine says.

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Kygo played his first show of 2024 in Tokyo on January 29. Ed Sheeran also played in the big city on January 31.

Nadine seems to have gotten used to her boyfriend's glamorous lifestyle, and probably got used to meeting many great artists from all over the world.

She stresses that despite the unusual encounter, it seemed completely normal:

“I didn’t think anything special about it. It just seemed so normal, oddly enough,” she says of meeting Sheeran. “He’s just like any normal person, really.”

Dream of cooperation

However, what the 25-year-old artist finds funny is that if you go back and look at her past interviews, and the times she was asked about her dream collaboration, she answered Ed Sheeran.

“I think now that it wasn’t what I imagined our first meeting would be, at the karaoke bar,” she laughs.

Asked if she would be performing with Ed Sheeran during tonight's concert, which closes the Stavern Festival on Thursday night, she replied with a smile:

– Well, we'll see, she laughs.

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