Victoria Squaw game | She broke down after recording “The Game”: – I was terrified

Victoria Squaw game |  She broke down after recording “The Game”: – I was terrified

Note – spoiler alert! Don't keep reading if you don't want to know what will happen in the new episode of “The Game”!

Victoria Skow, 25, breaks from her alliance and goes her own way on Sunday's episode of “The Game.”

Because while up until now she has played in a team with journalist and TV personality Line Andersen (50), Skow chose to conspire with Subjekt editor Danby Choi (30) to get Andersen out.

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In front of Nettavisen, she explains why:

-We were good friends there and played in alliance, but during the King and Queen game in Episode 5, I felt like I wasn't included in all the conversations I probably should have been involved in. And with such brutality in the game, you think, “Well, I guess I can't trust my alliance after all,” she says.

-And that makes me go in the opposite direction and work on getting my best friend out there. “So it's brutal,” Skaw laughs.

-He had a real breakdown

However, Skau and Choi did not succeed in their plan, and in the end it was comedian Henrik Fladseth (35 years old) who received the most votes and was eliminated from the popular competition.

Participants then returned to the “game,” unaware of what had happened in the voting room.

Only after finishing recording TV 2 did Andersen find out about the 25-year-old's “escape” from the alliance, which ended in a very emotional outburst on Skau's part, to say the least.

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Because when it was over, everyone had a bad conscience and feelings.

– When I said that, I had such a bad conscience that I didn't know what to do. “I was terrified that I lost a lifelong friend because of this,” Skau explains.

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-So I didn't know what to do and had a real breakdown. There was a lot of laughter, and she laughed.

– Going to go bananas

Line Andersen is well aware that Skaw opposed her and broke with the alliance, and she holds no grudges today.

-I understand that very well. I knew all along that Victoria was safe during the King and Queen match – but I fully understand that she didn't feel safe, she shares with me.

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“Of course the younger one will go crazy at some point, and anything else will be stupid,” she adds, laughing.

Today, she and Skau have a very special relationship.

-We are very good friends, and Victoria is actually one of my closest friends after “The Game,” says Andersen with support from Skow:

-Line is one of my best friends, and the atmosphere is just good.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that story editor Danbi Choi was 31 years old. This is aimed at 30.

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