Victoria Tolas reveals her boyfriend

Victoria Tolas reveals her boyfriend

Victoria Tolas, Known from “The Hardest Norway” and “71°N – The Hardest Celebrity in Norway”. Uncover to see and hear she’s got a boyfriend.

– It’s comfortable now, I’m in love then. Love flourishes. It is very convenient, she says to see and hear, and continues:

– It’s always a bit messy and complicated stuff, so I’ve kept it a little private, because it’s good to do a little something for themselves. But I feel pretty good right now, she laughs, and adds:

– Yes, I have a close friend.

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We met each other at the bar

She does not want to reveal her identity, calling it a little secret. The couple met in a bar, where he worked as a waiter.

– I grabbed him and asked him who he was, so that was where he started. He was going to work, but I kept going there, and the weather was good. I was the one who took it out. When you see something you like, you have to look for it!

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