Victory in today’s training match against Elverum

Victory in today’s training match against Elverum

It was a victory in today’s training match against Elverum, which took place at 10.00 in the LSK hall.

In today’s settlement, we had some clear areas of focus. Some of his job duties have been starting shortstop, attracting pressure, creating space and shutting down the quarterback on defense. In addition, we wanted to work together as a team.

It ended up being Elverum who got the first goal from a corner kick – negative defensive play from us, unfortunately. We don’t give up, we keep training in the game and after only five minutes we managed to equalize at 1-1, which is also the result in the first half.

The second half works better. We are more in control of the game and do well to play together as a team. Adjustments after losing the ball, spinning plays and more mean we get to see again a lot of what we trained for, which also gives results. We build several good attacks with good “stickers” in the back room, and shoot from a distance – it’s fun to watch. The result of the day should be Nora’s long shot, which burns quickly from 20-25 meters and scores a real “creamy home”! We deservedly won the match 4-1.

The training match was a good match for our development, we thank Elverum for the match and wish them well when the series starts!

Battle facts

LSK Women 2 4-1 Elverum

Scorers: Eileen Finstadt (1-1), Maria Foruli (2-1), Elise Thorode (3-1) and Nora Sterke (4-1)

Line-up (4-3-3): Ingvild Auflem Vik – Matilde Wenger, Frøydis Njålsdottir, Marte Løkse Nilsen, Josefine Løken – Anna Rognli, Maria Furuly, Nora Marie Stærk – Luana Cotrau (60′), Eline Finstad Røseplass (60′), Emma Reshane (60′), Emma Reshane (60′)

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Seat: Elise Thoreaud (30º), Aurella Imrag (30º), Christina Herseth (30º)

We – us – together

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