January 27, 2023


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Vidar Villa assures his girlfriend: – Very comfortable

The artist reveals the good news on the red carpet regarding Adrienne Sylvol’s solo release on Thursday night. “A perfect match,” says Villa.


– We’ve had a really good, friendly tone so far this fall. Then it evolved into something more and then became one. Which is very convenient!

Vidar André Mohaugen, better known as Vidar Villa, told VG Ramp that the two have known each other for five years and recently became lovers.

“We are very happy to get the most out of life, so we have a lot of fun and enjoy it,” says Villa and continues.

– Then we’re also good at being able to take things easy at home so they’re a “perfect match,” he says, smiling broadly.

Found Love: Vidar Villa is on the VG List in Rådhusplassen in 2022.

The Norwegian artist is best known for his party songs and funny lyrics, such as “One Night Stand.”

In 2018, he participated in MGP with the song “Moren Din”.

the song about Being in love with your friend’s mother.

He has two guests with him at tonight’s event, his new girlfriend and her boyfriend’s boyfriend. However, the two guests quickly infiltrate the party, before being caught up to by VG.

Vidar Villa performed at VG’s Rådhusplassen in 2022 with the song “Same Damn Song”.

Watch the video here!