Vienna: Leoni (13) raped, murdered: 4th suspect caught in London – News Abroad

Vienna: Leoni (13) raped, murdered: 4th suspect caught in London – News Abroad

A 13-year-old girl, a child, was drugged, brutally raped and killed — the case in Vienna caused terror around the world at the end of June. Three Afghan suspects are already in custody.

Now a fourth accused has been arrested: Rasooli Z. (22) Captured by Austrian target investigators in London. oe.24. He was hiding in the Afghan community there!

He reportedly borrowed money from friends to escape and took the train to Innsbruck. It is not yet clear how he got to London from there.

Rasooli Z., Ali Sena H. Shahed S., who allegedly gave the woman “only” drugs, could have escaped with a milder sentence.

Shocking crime

On June 26, at 6:50 a.m., Vanessa H noticed a woman leaning against a tree from her balcony. At first she thought the woman had circulatory problems. “But after she leaned forward, I realized it was so intense,” he says. He added: “I also went down because I wanted to help, but then the police came and tried to revive me.

Without success. There were signs of strangulation on the child’s body. And chest injuries. Leoni is dead and has not escaped the torture of those who tortured her.

Based on one witness, two suspects were able to be arrested, who insulted a Syrian and revealed the culprit’s knowledge. A third Afghan was arrested shortly afterwards – but a fourth suspect went missing.

They trapped a 13-year-old man in Tullen, 40 kilometers from Vienna: Ali Sena H. He took them to Vienna, where they initially met three Afghans.

On the night of June 26, lucky results: Armini H. with Leoni Men. Went to the apartment. There she was given anesthesia of up to eleven ecstasy pills. Again and again the men fell on the insecure woman.

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When they finished with Leoni, they took her to die by the tree.

Clear speech by President Kurs of Austria

The move caused fear around the world, with Austrian President Sebastian Kurz finding clear the words: “After such barbaric crimes” one cannot “return to business as usual.” In short: “I promise we will do everything in our power to punish the perpetrators severely.”

While Germany’s reaction to the heinous crimes of immigrants is still cautious and relevant, Kurz made it clear in an interview with Bild Live: “There is no room for misunderstanding, I can not stand this victim-offender reversal,” he told Bild Live.

Leonie's sacrifice is said to have taken place on a social site in this house

Leoni’s sacrifice is said to have taken place in a community apartment in this housePhoto: Herbert Newpower / DPA

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