Vietti impresses with white wine | News letters

Vietti impresses with white wine |  News letters

This article was first published in Finansavisen.

WINE: We Norwegians love Italian wine, characters from The Vinmonopolet Show. In the north, Piedmont stands out alongside other famous wine regions such as Tuscany and Veneto. The reason is the breadth of wine styles and recipes offered at reasonable prices. More than 2000 production lines in the pole range come from Piedmont.

Barolo Kings

For those who know the best wines from Italy in general – and Parolos in particular – Vietti is a well-known name, and is considered one of the best producers.

Vietti is a family-run manufacturer in Castiglione Falletto, which has taken a quantum leap in quality. They also highlighted white wines from the very dominant red wine production. Much of this is due to a passion for quality winemaker Luca Currado and his wife Elena who have given Vietti for the past 20 years.

Vietti has taken a step towards Barolo’s celebrity status among experts all over the world. We are, of course, fans of the finest wines, but the high quality also means that their other wines are well worth trying.

Little Oak: Using less oak over time improves the quality of Vietti. Photo: Sven Linden/Capital

Five storey wine cellar

The wine cellar of Vietti is located 50 kilometers by car southeast of Turin, and about 40 kilometers northeast of Cuneo. The five-story wine cellar is located partly below the medieval castle of Castiglione Falletto.

This is also the name of the small village where Viti’s headquarters are located. Hill slopes and vineyards on all sides lead to Castiglione Falletto, which must be considered a peaceful oasis with its 705 inhabitants. Castiglione Falletto is not built for mass tourism, car traffic, and nightlife. It’s all about wine production, tourism, and ancient history in the high season between May and October, then it’s as quiet as an abandoned holiday home in Lingore.

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The only thing that reminds of life are the local church bell hours that have broken the silence since the Middle Ages.

Beautiful scenery: Piedmont can take your breath away.  Photo: Sven Linden/Capital

Beautiful scenery: Piedmont can take your breath away. Photo: Sven Linden/Capital

Over the years, Vietti has excavated and expanded according to all the rules of art within the small property on the underside of the castle walls. The place was built exclusively for production and not for today’s growing tourism.

Twelve visitors before and after lunch is our ability, winemaker Luca Currado Finansavisen told.

We can attest that when you have a date and go inside, you are greeted with warm and genuine hospitality that is far from the traps and tourists that you find, for example, Tuscany and Napa Valley in the USA.

Vietti 1985 vintage Vietti

Vietti 1985 vintage Vietti

private labels

Today’s edition of Vietti revolves around the estate of beautiful old vineyards such as Brunate, Rocche, Lazzarito and Villero. At the same time, the profile is created by a winemaker who does not necessarily do like everyone else. Posters are a good example. Since the mid-1970s, artists have placed their works on posters. The idea originally came about on a winter evening, when a group of Vietti family friends gathered at a local wine bar. During the discussion, some in the devotees felt that they could perceive the colors in the taste of wine. The challenge was presented, and the artists’ labels became a hallmark of their wine.

Taste the eggs too

Vietti is a very good buy, bringing out the wine in a fruit-driven style with a good focus. The Currado family perfects ancient variations of production to perfection.

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Vietti’s great strength is that it does well in many grape varieties. Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, and Barbera would naturally do well in this area, but we’re impressed by how far Vietti has come with white wines from Arneis and Timorasso grapes. Food-friendly white wine helps understand and respect a craft that has been created through generations.

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