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Hollande Police Correspondent Peter R. Is the Moroccan Mafia behind the cowardly attack on de Vries (64)? Coming out now: The shooter is Delano G. (21) Has a close relationship with the Mafia!

Like a newspaper “Telegraph“Reports say the young rapper is the first cousin of one of the mafia members surrounding drug lord Ridovan Taki (43) – one of the worst criminals in the Netherlands.

Police are guarding the tracks at the scene of Peter de Vries’ shootingPhoto: E.P.A.

Delano G. and Jowat “Joey” W., according to the report, are related to the leader of the “gang of murderers” surrounding the mafia boss Taki. JoWat “Joey” W. Is said to have produced several assassinations. He is currently in jail. Until recently, Delano G. Tile has directed a music label in the municipality. JoWat “Joey” W. Investigators are now checking the links.

Exploding: De Vries was on Doc’s death list, according to his own reports. The journalist appeared, among other things, as a consultant in a case against Doc.

Cowardly attack on investigative journalist

On Tuesday (July 6) at 7.30pm Peter de Vries arrived from the RDL Boulevard TV studio in Amsterdam. Suddenly there were shots: a motorcycle helmet-wearing stranger fired five shots at de Vries – a bullet hit his head!

Delano G is said to be the shooter. That night, police stopped a car on the A4, 60 kilometers from Amsterdam. Two suspects were arrested – except for Delano G, a pole (35), Kamil E.

Both were brought before a judge on Friday afternoon

At 12:50 pm on Friday, the two suspects were loaded into armored SUVs on the right bank of Amsterdam. There the judge announced: Kamil E. and Delano G. He will remain in custody for two more weeks.

Reporter de Vries’ position remains unchanged. He was hospitalized in Amsterdam with serious head injuries.

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