Viggo Venn fights in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ final: The joke is in Norwegian

Viggo Venn fights in ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ final: The joke is in Norwegian

Viggo Venn started a joke in Norwegian, playing the popcorn song with his biceps and charming Simon Cowell as he strolled around on Sunday night.


– I really, really love you, I said so easily, but laughing Quill who during this season of Britain’s Got Talent had shifted from annoyance to love for the clown from Kongsberg.

On Sunday night, Viggo Venn made amends by defeating Cowell’s red jacket in the semi-finals. When Finn hid in an inflated yellow balloon, it was Simon Cowell who had the honor of making a hole in it.

And that with the words that became among Finn’s trademarks; “once again!” The two former strangers then danced close to each other while rose petals were showered on the couple. Quill even received a gift from his friend; A reflective jacket, of course, with the inscription “Simon jacket”.

Yes, Viggo’s group of friends just got even bigger on Sunday night!

It seems destined to be larger; Judge Alesha Dixon was regularly interrupted by the crowd when she was about to pass judgment due to Viggo Finn’s courteous shouts.

Sincerely: Viggo Finn was out to make Simon Cowell his best friend again on Sunday night. He managed it.

VG is following the live broadcast of the packed and sold-out Cosmopolitan finale of Britain’s Got Talent in Oslo, and the atmosphere really went through the roof when Viggo Venn appeared while introducing the finalists.

Many of Finn’s fellow comedians are in attendance, some of whom – such as Jeunesse Joseph, Martha Liefstad (with a birthday today, congratulations!) and Olly Sue and Elsie Cass-Vorwusth – also warmed up the audience before the broadcast from Britain’s ITV.

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Away from Venelous: Father Bjorn Finn made a trip to Cosmopolite in Oslo to follow his son on the big screen with Vennegjeng in full.

The Venn family is also on Cosmopolite, and of all the friends, it was Papa Bjørn who was dragged on stage by emcee Jonis Josef. There we find out that the color of Viggo’s reflective vest is actually green or yellow.

– Figo and I have a great discussion about whether the jacket is green or yellow. Here’s the face, it’s green, Bjorn Finn said and put on his green jersey, before also getting the crowd’s approval.

– Thank you all so much for coming here to support Viggo. He said it was an incredible journey.

FAMILY HIT: Dad Bjørn Venn led the way when Vennslekta jumped on stage after Viggo’s performance. Of course, they danced to “One More Time”.

In recent weeks, Viggo Venn has gained a fan base he previously dreamed of. Millions of Britons watched his antics on “Britain’s Got Talent” and cheered him on in the final on Sunday.

It’s also been launched on social media, he can tell VG earlier this week.

– After the semi-finals, I was recognized on the street and videos poured in from all over the world – Brazil, Mexico, Algeria – of people dancing in reflective jackets. Finn said he was absolutely crazy and revealed – with a twinkle in his eye – why the reflective jacket was his favorite onstage outfit during Britain’s Got Talent:

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– They are very visible then. And I felt ready to be more visible!

PARTY WITH A JACKET: Viggo Venn defended the international reflective vest colors during Sunday night’s “Britain’s Got Talent” finale. Whether he wins will be decided later tonight.

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Viggo Finn, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Finalist: – Absolutely crazy!

Viggo Venn could win NOK 3.4 million on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ on Sunday.

The 34-year-old from Kongsberg, where he will also perform during the Jazz Festival later this summer, was part of a group of clowns and improvisational artists who have traveled the world with their performances. After the pandemic, he settled in London and became part of the big city’s open mic environment before ITV brought him to audition on Britain’s Got Talent.

– At first, I went to the audition because I thought it might be a funny clip to put on the Internet, and I was eliminated from the competition, Finn said.

Official Boyfriend: You can certainly make the clown out of a reflective vest, but you can never take the reflective vest out of a clown.

It was emphasized by the man behind the whole concept of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell on the judging panel. But Viggo Venn made it to the semi-finals thanks to the support of the other judges. There, Finn got a little revenge on Quill.

– I took his reflective vest in the semi-finals as a little revenge for the x he gave me. At the time, everyone on the Hammersmith Apollo – 4000 – was wearing a reflective vest, except for Simon…

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Here you can live again the semi-finals:

As a professional comedian and clown, Viggo Finn pondered earlier this week what the clown’s job would be, and that maybe he’d be a little uncharismatic if he won?

– Clowns must lose all the way. Fail, fail, fail — that’s what clowns do, he said of the chance to win NOK 3.4 million and perform at the Royal Variety Performance at the venerable Royal Albert Hall, which NRK broadcasts every New Year’s Eve after the midnight stroke.

Fortunately, he changed his mind and “put on his jacket,” as he himself put it.


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