January 30, 2023


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Village evacuation

Village evacuation

Ash covered villages in Indonesia after the eruption of the Semeru volcano. The authorities are now evacuating several hundred people.

A tsunami warning was issued in Japan following the volcano eruption.

caused by monsoon rains

Several hundred people were moved to safer areas, mostly women, children and the elderly. Abdul Mahari, a spokesman for Indonesia’s crisis management agency, said temporary accommodation was being prepared for those evacuees.

He says monsoon rains have caused the lava dome at the top of the 3,676-meter-high volcano to collapse. This triggered an outbreak.

Earlier, AFP reported that Indonesia had updated the volcano’s danger warning to the highest level.

covered in ash

Hot ash rose 1.5 kilometers into the air from the volcano on the island of Java on Sunday. Hot lava and ash poured down the sides of the mountain.

There have been no reports of injuries so far, but authorities advise against travel in the area around the crater.

Several villages covered in ash.

The volcano itself erupted in December last year. 51 people were killed and several villages were buried in mud. Hundreds have also suffered burns.

Japan warns

In Japan, the country’s Meteorological Institute warned of a potential tsunami risk after the volcano erupted in Indonesia.

At the moment, the southern parts of Japan do not appear to have experienced large waves caused by the Semeru volcano.