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Publishing a book: Britney Spears’ biography to be published in Norwegian – by Cappelen Damm.

Four Norwegian publishers this week fought for the rights to Britney Spears’ “Tell Him All Biography” – which in the USA secured the USA pop star NOK 133 million.


Cappelen Damm confirms to VG that they will publish a certified biography of Britney Spears in Norwegian.

– I can’t say much, except that there is tremendous interest in this book. We were informed that we had the highest bid, but there is no question of such sums as the US publisher had to go out with it

Because according to American media like diverse Major American publisher Simon & Schuster is said to have paid $15 million, or about 133 million crowns, for the book’s deal with the pop star. This is supposed to be one of the most expensive non-fiction book deals ever: Only Michelle and Barack Obama should have had more when in 2017 they signed a $60 million deal with a random house to write more books.

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Cappelen Damm won’t say anything about the amount they ended up paying.

Internationally, it’s one of the bigger deals made in a non-fiction book, but I can say it’s almost here in Norway. We’re only talking about a small part of the US deal, Olvestad says.

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Aschehoug and Bonnier confirm to VG that they were in the bidding round, but chose to throw in the towel.

Bonnier Norsk Forlag participated in the bidding round, but chose to drop out when the amounts became too high and the stakes too high. It is simply a matter of assessing the market and the potential of the book in terms of investment, CEO Henriksen tells VG.

– Looking forward to inviting Britney to the garden party! But it became very expensive. You’re also not guaranteed to get your money, says Jan Swenson, president of Noan Swenson, head of non-fiction at Aschehoug.

Cappelen Damm classifies it differently:

– We make all our ratings in such a bidding round. It is about relevance and interest to the reader. We think the Britney Spears story has the gist of being a very, very good book. It is one of the great folk cultural phenomena of modern history.

The Turbulent Life: The Britney Spears Story has the potential to become a very good book, according to a Norwegian publication.

Cappelen Damm bought the rights without a final script. Publisher Simon & Schuster has not yet officially confirmed the book’s agreement.

It will be a life cycle biography. Spears is no older than 40, but it would be a statement of growth and a story about a man at a very young age who got the world’s spotlight. There is a rise and fall story here, which a lot of people know, but the main character talks a little bit about it.

– It must be remembered that the Spear was not involved in the documentary as many have seen. So this will be the first time her entire story has been told, Olvestad says.

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Last year, four Britney Spears films were released: two from The New York Times, while Netflix and CNN also had their own versions of the pop star’s life.

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Cappelen Damm also has great faith in the author that Britney Spears will tell “that’s it all” and has collaborated with: Ada Calhoun, American non-fiction writer known for books such as “Qaddy” Dead Marks, “Of Wedding Toast I’ll Never Submit” Why Not We can sleep: “A new midwife crisis for women.”

according to diverse Britney’s book will be about her music career, private life, and her broken relationship with her family.

News of the book agreement came several months after the pop star championed The Guardian.

November 12 was a historic day for the pop star, who, after nearly 14 years under guardianship, I became a free woman.

Britney Spears’ sister also published a book last year, a book create controversy. Not least, Britney herself was furious at the statements in the book.

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