Visual Studio 2022 and .Net 6.0 are ready to use

Visual Studio 2022 and .Net 6.0 are ready to use

As planned, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2022 (version 17) and .NET 6.0 Monday of this week. The goals of the new version are to make it more efficient for developers to move from idea to coding, as well as to improve productivity in the editing and debugging cycle.

Among other things, the Intellicode function can now complete entire lines of code. If the developer makes a change in the code snippet, the tool can suggest similar changes in other parts of the code where similar patterns exist.

Open to larger projects

However, it is the scalability and performance of the development tool itself that Microsoft has so far highlighted as the biggest news. The main processor in Visual Studio in older versions was 32-bit, while it is now 64-bit. This means that much more memory can be used than before, allowing the tool to be used for larger and more complex projects than before.

In the video below, Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman delivers the most important news.

Visual Studio 2022 Available in three editionsSociety, professional and enterprise. first two shows Basically the same job. The big difference is the target group. The community edition, which is offered free of charge, is intended for students, open source contributors, and businesses with up to five users. Professional is designed for large businesses and costs money to spend, but offers fewer functionality than the Enterprise edition.

net 6.0

Visual Studio 2022 is specifically designed for developing C++ and . Along with the new version of the developer tool, Microsoft has also launched a new version of the .Net Framework. Developers who want to use .Net 6 should use Visual Studio 2022, Coming Visual Studio 2022 for Mac or Visual Studio Code with C# extension.

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.Net 6.0 includes a number of news items. Improvements have been promised that will make it easier to code in C# and F#, and a number of new APIs have been added – including HTTP/3, JSON processing, math, and direct memory manipulation. He also promised functionality that will make it easier to diagnose problems in cloud applications.

Recommend fast migration

It is now can you download NET 6.0 for Windows, macOS, and many Linux distributions. This is the first version of the .Net framework that supports Arm (Apple Silicon)-based Macs. It should also have better support for Windows Arm64 than previous versions.

Microsoft recommends that developers actually begin to migrate their applications to .Net 6. In particular, applications based on .Net 5, which not supported After May 8, 2022. Microsoft promised to support .Net 6.0 for three years. Such a relay should be easy to achieve from both. NET Core 3.1 and .Net 5.

Microsoft plans to release a new version of .Net every year from now on, at least in November 2022 and 2023.

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