Vita and Wanda Machadi: – About participation:

Vita and Wanda Machadi: - About participation:

Vita and Wanda Machadi (29 years old) are one of the most popular Norwegian twins. The Influenza Sisters are well known by participating in shows like “Company Lauritzen”and “Camp Colinares” and “71 degrees north”.

But for now, they are linked with another touch, the ’71°N Team’, where they will work together to crown ‘Norway’s Most Powerful Celebrity’.

However, the competition’s collaboration posed challenges for the twins, who constantly end up in discussions with each other during tough challenges.

When Dagbladet meets Vita and Wanda on the red carpet, the duo can reveal details about their participation in the show.

Dropp off: Vita and Wanda Machadi faced a lot of opposition in this year’s “71 Degrees North Team.” On Sunday’s episode, things go wrong with Wanda. Video: Red Carpet / Discovery +
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Very high expectations

The Mashadi sisters can, among other things, reveal that they set the list high in terms of expectations for participation, and at the same time they can admit that they were somewhat disappointed with their efforts.

Perhaps it is more than we know what we can, what we know, and stand for that we felt we did not appear right, says Wanda.

– We’ve done so much of this kind of reality now that we’ve challenged ourselves a little bit and tested ourselves a little bit on different levels. Vita adds: We already had very high expectations of ourselves, so it was a very difficult start.

Despite the difficult start, they still believe that their viewing pleasure is top notch and their thrilling dynamics get you a good screen time.

– I think we got out of it really well and really right. I think we have the advantage that what people may know us for is our dynamics, our drives and the way we talk to each other, says Wanda, and continues:

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People understand that no one is naughty and who is nice. When we argue, people sit and laugh, and it’s almost kinda funny. So I think that in this sense it helps us a lot, because now we also sit and laugh at it together instead of reminiscing about embarrassing memories.

unpleasant: The ’71°N’ safari struggled when he and the other participants were challenged to complete a bungee jump. Video: Red Carpet / Discovery +
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– But there are a lot of tears that are cut, and I think this is to our advantage, adds Vita jokingly.

The two 29-year-olds were also a unique pair in competition due to their relationship. Therefore, they like to stretch the elastic a bit for the sake of entertainment.

– Then we were actually the only couple who knew each other, so the disagreement between us in a way is not as serious as when other couples quarrel and argue because they don’t know each other. We became two of those clowns, Wanda says, squabbling and arguing before Vita adds:

– Someone has to give a little bit of humor in ’71 too, so we’re taking it.

known under pressure

However, the duo’s participation in the “71 garder nord-team” isn’t the first time they’ve set foot in the wild. The couple has in fact previously been with no less than 58-year-old flight expert Lars Monsen on a trip, which they see as a very different experience.

The main difference lies first and foremost in the lack of competition in some way, says Wanda.

Fear of water: The Shabani safari participant “71°N” is terrified of the waters. So it’s good to have John Almas on the trip. Video: Discovery +
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No, we have to be at the finish line in 72 hours. Here, three other teams competed. It’s a deadline. You know you have to collect points. Yes, there are several factors then. At the same time, there’s pressure we know we can do, Vita says of the program.

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The twins felt the pressure during the “71 Degrees North Team,” gaining experience in both maps and compasses with Monson.

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