June 5, 2023


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Vladimir Putin - - Follow him all the time

Vladimir Putin – – Follow him all the time

Since Russia went to war with Ukraine in late February, numerous rumors have been circulating about President Vladimir Putin’s health.

At the end of March, Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s closest spokesman, went out on his own He denied reports that the president had cancer. But Putin’s bizarre behavior several times during his public appearances in recent months has only led to more speculation.

According to spy Christopher Steele, who previously He claimed that Putin is seriously illHis health is getting worse.

– cancels meetings

visa does not depend on He writes that Steele told LBC radio that Putin was constantly followed by a medical team. He also claims that there are frequent breaks in the president’s meetings so that he can have medical follow-ups.

– The meetings of the Security Council, which allegedly lasted an hour, were in fact divided into several blocks. He disappears from the room and receives some kind of medical treatment. He is clearly ill, but it is not clear how sick he is and whether he will be able to recover, as Steele claims about the 69-year-old Russian president.

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Steele headed the British intelligence service MI6 from 2006 to 2009. In the 1990s, he was stationed in Russia. He claims to have obtained his information from sources in Russia.

The statement comes after Ukrainian Major General Kirillo Budanov claimed that Putin is seriously ill and that there are forces planning a coup against the Russian president.

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potential contributing factor

Steel previously mentioned That disease may be a contributing factor to what is happening now in Ukraine.

When you see what’s happening now, you think it might be true. So I think there is an element of his illness involved in this (the decision to invade the Ukraine newspaper. Note) and his legacy, says Steele.

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Steele believes that even if Putin was ill, that wouldn’t necessarily make him more receptive to criticism.

In general, very few are willing to stand up to or argue with President Putin. I don’t think there are dissidents or rebellious voices telling him that this is a disastrous war, and it will not have a positive effect on Russia, especially in terms of the economy, he says, adding:

We can only hope that this will lead to some form of policy change or even regime change, when that time comes, but that is by no means certain.