Volcanic eruption in Iceland. Much closer to Grindavik than last time.

Volcanic eruption in Iceland.  Much closer to Grindavik than last time.

Grindavik has been hit by lava. The first house was seized, state broadcaster Ruv reported.

On Sunday morning, a new volcanic eruption began in Iceland.

Hundreds of earthquakes struck the city on Saturday night. Before the morning hours, the city was evacuated.

Since then, lava has engulfed the hastily built walls near the city.

Then the drama increased even more: just after one o'clock in the afternoon, a new crack opened, just meters from Grindavik.

– It is only a matter of time before the lava reaches homes, the government channel reported.

A few hours later, the first homes were hit by lava blocks. On Sunday afternoon, several homes were on fire.

Here lava flows along an earth dam that was built to block the lava flow from the new eruption.

A new crack is a few meters away from the building

Volcano expert Thorhaldur Thórdarson Rúv tells Rúv that the new fissure changes everything.

– This changes the situation completely.

On Sunday, lava is flowing from two crevices. In addition to the houses, the lava also swept away the Grindavikur road, which is not far from the city.

Feder Rennison, from Civil Defense, told Rove that the eruption was dangerous, and that no one should move near Grindavik now.

Volcanic eruption outside Grindavik Video from Rove

It is said that 200 people were in Grindavik when they were evacuated on Sunday night.

The fissure from which the lava initially came was about one kilometer long.

A number of construction machines appear to have been swallowed up in the lava.

But the construction workers drove their cars and fled into the area.

Many construction machines, including the largest bulldozers in Iceland, were rescued at the last minute.

Volcano expert Thorhaldur Thordarson says the eruption is smaller than the last one in December. But this takes place in Sundhnúks, which is much closer to Grindavik than last time.

A photo of the volcano's eruption in the morning hours of Sunday.

A photo of the volcano's eruption in the morning hours of Sunday.

Residents were evacuated

Grindavik has a population of 4,000, but only a few hundred have remained there recently.

The city is now suffering from power outages, hot and cold water.

Icelandic authorities say the area was hit by around 200 earthquakes before 3pm on Sunday. They approached closer to Grindavik. The strongest earthquake was 3.5 magnitude.

Hallgrímur Hjálmarsson had to leave his home when Grindavík was evacuated.

-We woke up around 3am to the sound of sirens and checked our phones. He adds that after that we saw a text message from the Norwegian Civil Defense that there was an evacuation Roof.

– Of course it was very uncomfortable. I felt the tremors and just left the city.​

Mount Þorbjörn moved 20 cm to the west after the eruption.

This is the fifth eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula since 2021.

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