Volkswagen – warns of more trouble

Volkswagen - warns of more trouble

The Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine have led to several problems for the auto industry. Semiconductor shortages are among the many things that have delayed production and delivery of new cars.

– the challenge

In an interview with the German car magazine Automobilwoche he reproduced Reuters The car maker, Volkswagen, is now preparing for what they call a “new normal” with respect to disruptions in the supply chain.

Investments in new capacity are now on track, but there will likely be a structural shortage of semiconductors until 2023, says Procurement Director Murat Axel.

– With the new geopolitical problems, it will become more complex and challenging.

road shortage

At the end of last month, it also became known that the auto giant was preparing for another drawback, the possible shortage of glass, according to The Wall Street Journal.

This is justified by the fact that many glass manufacturers use large quantities of Russian natural gas, which has become powerful Much more expensive than through the summer.

According to the agency ICIS 40% of German natural gas comes from Russia.

It is said that the auto giant has now started stockpiling glass, to avoid stopping production of cars, which is what it had to do In the early days of the war.

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