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Volvo 142: The old thief Volvo set a record

Volvo 142: The old thief Volvo set a record

The Volvo 140 Series was launched in 1966 as a 1967 model and was essentially a replacement for the Volvo Amazon truck – although the cars had been produced side by side for four years.

Beneath the simple, funky bodywork, with straight, smooth surfaces miles away from Amazon’s design, we found plenty of technology from Amazon itself. Fairly upgraded admittedly.

The success of the 140 series did not fail. After a rather slow start, the model became a bestseller in both Norway and Sweden for many years. Until 240, which was by far a facelift from the 140, took over.

Classic, minimalist styling from the 1960s characterizes the Volvo 140 Series. This car is from 1971. Photo by: Fetch.

Prices go up and up…

Thus, cars were a very common sight on the roads. For a long time, because it was as solid and dependable as the others. It was often rust that put the nail into the coffin.

Cars that sell in large numbers rarely become particularly valuable. They are very common. 48 years after the 140th model was discontinued, there are still many of these cars out there. Now most often as a hobby car in one form or another.

However, prices have risen a lot and rapidly in recent years. A few years ago you could have had a perfectly good car like this for 40,000-50,000 NOK. Now beautiful cars quickly cost 100,000 NOK. Really nice cars, or private cars, sell for 150,000 NOK or more. More than triple, that is. But it doesn’t seem to stop. The price arrow is still pointing up.

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This is what it looks like

This is what a Time Machine looks like on the inside. Very delicious? Photo by: Bring

500,000 NOK

Just days ago, a 1971 Volvo 142 was sold for what we think is a solid record.

The car was sold through a famous car auction site, Bring a trailer. They are known to get paid well for their cars.

There were probably more people than us who put afternoon coffee down our throats when we saw the price the car fetched. We’re talking about $50,000. or 500,000 NOK (+ VAT if you want to transfer to Norway)

Then we are not even talking about an original car. exactly the contrary. There is a certain thief touch and a racing touch about this. In the form of attached rims, a stripped front bumper, a spoiler, a modified sunroof, an upgraded chassis, a different steering wheel, and black painted rims, to name a few.

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The engine is B20 tuned, with gasoline injection.  Photo by: fetch.

The engine is B20 tuned, with gasoline injection. Photo by: fetch.

Well maintained, pampered and trimmed

Now it must also be emphasized that the car has been greatly ostentatious and looks good and well maintained. It’s a Model E, common in the United States, that’s rare here at home. But this means, among other things, that the B20 engine is equipped with Bosch D-jetronic fuel injection.

Moreover, the raisins in the car sausage are dense. We can immediately mention the electric overdrive gearbox, GT instruments, leather seats, and the overhauled and trimmed engine that was filled up to 2.1 liters. Output should now be well above the original 130 horsepower.

It has also been rebuilt with a Volvo 1800 transmission and gear lever. This means a shorter gear lever, rather than the original long lever.

Maybe it’s still the history of the car that makes the price go up here? Without being able to fully explain it or understand it as well…

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The Volvo 142 seems to lean slightly forward and has a stealth and racing feel.  Photo by: fetch.

The Volvo 142 seems to lean slightly forward and has a stealth and racing feel. Photo by: fetch.

Rebuilt in 1972

According to the story, the car had to be rebuilt with parts from IPD since 1972, when it traveled 17,000 kilometers. IPD is a shape that provides various parts and tuning details to a Volvo, among other things.

It’s undeniable that IPD sounds a bit fat, but it’s something as generic as parts import and distribution. They are alive and well and still provide fun gear for the different Volvo models.

To this day, the car still has an IPD exhaust manifold and top cover, and possibly a few other parts as well. It is also equipped with lower and stiffer suspension, Bilstein shock absorbers and polyurethane bushings in the chassis.

This particular vehicle was also featured in the legendary American automobile magazine Road and Track in its June 1974 issue.

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Photo from

Photo from “The Way and the Path” in the June 1974 issue.

Where will it end?

It is true that converting an old Volvo to this specification costs a few kroner, but nothing exceeds that amount. There is no missile research either. Still Volvo.

But the fact that she carries with her a true story from the early ’70s probably means a lot. Although the car has been upgraded and changed since it was rebuilt in 1972 and tested in 1974.

But as always: the product is worth what someone is willing to pay. Obviously, someone thought that half a million crowns – that’s what it’s worth.

In any case, we wish the new owner and not losing the car, good luck! We hope you continue to enjoy a good car life! At the same time, we can’t help but wonder at what price it was sold. And not least – where will you end up?

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Want to read more about the classic Volvo?

A completely new version of the Volvo Classic is now available on store shelves.

A completely new version of the Volvo Classic is now available on store shelves.

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