Volvo XC40: It’s new – but you’ll struggle to see it

Volvo XC40: It's new - but you'll struggle to see it

With nearly 6,500 cars delivered, the Volvo XC40 ended up as the fifth best-selling car model in Norway last year. The vast majority of these were of the electric recharge version.

Now it’s the only one that applies, after Volvo phased out the plug-in hybrid version from early this year.

The XC40 gave Volvo a very good start as a manufacturer of electric cars. Now they’ve been complemented by the slightly more sporty C40 coupe version – while later this year we’ll see a new, large electric SUV the size of today’s XC90.

new front

But before that, Volvo comes with what they call a “new, updated version” of the XC40.

The lanterns are equipped with new technology.

Here they give the XC40 some subtle changes to the exterior. With a new front bumper and frameless grille, the car gets the same front-end look as the Volvo C40 Recharge.

Signature lanterns, also known as “Thor’s Hammer” have been expanded with LED pixel technology.

This means that it automatically adapts to the traffic ahead and effectively lights the road ahead, without dazzling other drivers.

In addition, Volvo is now offering the XC40 in new exterior colors and new tires.

The rechargeable XC40 didn’t have a long life in Norway

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The ‘Grill’ is now frameless and has the same look as its sister model C40.

Starting from 439,900 NOK

– As we move towards becoming an all-electric company, our design language follows. With the updated all-electric XC40, we continue to evolve its instantly recognizable design, creating a more modern face with a slimmer front and more integrated grille, Robin Page, design director at Volvo Cars, says in a press release.

Volvo sells the XC40 Recharge in several equipment versions, with both all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. The car’s official range is 422 kilometers.

Prices start at NOK 439,900 for the front-wheel drive XC40 Recharge Core. The top model with the highest level of equipment is the XC40 Recharge Twin Ultimate with All-Wheel Drive (AWD) for 549,900.

Volvo could be a used coup car

You can get Volvo's electric SUV with both front-wheel drive and 4×4.

You can get Volvo’s electric SUV with both front-wheel drive and 4×4.

Developed with Google

Volvo also offers a subscription system. Here, prices start at 6,090 kroner per month, with a three-year insurance period.

Three years of service, three years of full body insurance, roadside assistance, wiper replacement (once a year) and wear brake discs/pads are included, whether you buy or share the car.

In addition to the XC40’s changes to the exterior design, Volvo is also introducing the infotainment system the company co-developed with Google on the XC90, S60 and V60, meaning all Volvo car models now have infotainment based on Google’s Android Auto.

Volvo has had its best year in Norway since 1985

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