June 8, 2023


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Volvo XC40 Twin Engine - Disappearing from the Norwegian Market

Volvo XC40 Twin Engine – Disappearing from the Norwegian Market

«Finally, it’s rechargeable”, we wrote in March 2020 after testing the twin-engine Volvo XC40 T5 – the car that was first launched in the summer of 2019. The rechargeable hybrid has become a popular model in Norway, but last year received competition from everyone – the electric alternative to the smallest SUV from Volvo.

After only a few years in Norway, it is already over.

50,000 kroner has become more expensive than the new year

Earlier this week, Volvo was able to reveal that it will cut diesel sales in Norway in 2022. Meanwhile, the company announced that the rechargeable version of the XC40 will disappear from the Norwegian market, it wrote. Broom موقع site.

A quick look at Volvo’s Norwegian sites reveals that the XC40 plug-in hybrid can no longer be ordered, and so far this is only being phased out in Norway.

Eric Busby, Volvo’s Norwegian Director of Public Relations and Communications, tells Broome that the reason this model is gradually being taken out of the Norwegian market is a combination of price and that customers have turned their attention to the all-electric XC40 and the upcoming C40.

The decision is a combination of a plug-in hybrid becoming disproportionately expensive due to new charges, compared to the all-electric XC40. We’re seeing sales shift more and more in the direction of the electric XC40 and C40, so it’s only partly normal for that car to be phased out, he tells the website.

According to Trosby, the XC40 hybrid rechargeable will be more than 50,000 kroner in Norway from January 1 next year. with new graphics.

Hellelectrasc: Volvo has started production of the first fully electric car, and the first cars will arrive in Norway already this year. Video: Volvo
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Electricity will be important in the future

Together with car manufacturers such as Germany’s Mercedes, American Ford and General Motors, China’s BYD and Britain’s Jaguar Land Rover, Sweden’s Volvo signed the agreement obligating the car manufacturer to cut petrol and diesel entirely by 2040 – and already by 2035 in leading markets – during a meeting Climate in Glasgow in november.

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The XC40 Recharge was the first model on the road for an all-electric fleet, and will soon be accompanied by the C40 Recharge, which will be Volvo’s second all-electric model.

The Swedes are now stepping up their investments in electric cars, as they will only produce electric cars from 2030 onwards.

The crossover C40 Recharge has already entered production at the Swedes’ plant in Ghent, where the Volvo XC40 Recharge is assembled. Volvo Cars announced this fall that the Belgian plant will rapidly increase to 135,000 electric cars per year.