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Fossesholm og Aukland

Before, national team coach Ole Morten Iversen was responsible for Fossesholm in the national team. But already during the cross-country opening in Bettostoln next weekend, Rogen will be on hand to give his advice for the great talent.

When asked why she chose to take the step of bringing in a new coach, in the middle of the season, Vossholm replied as follows:

My dad was my coach. He’s the one who made the plan for me, had a close dialogue, and received input from Ole Morton. Now my dad has a full-time job and we’ve come to the conclusion that the best thing is that he could be more of a dad, Vossholm tells NRK.

I had to quit my dream job

Ex-team coach: Geir Andrei Rogen, pictured here in the winter of 2020.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Rogen knows little about what it means to drive on top of cross-country sports. He was coach of the national team from the spring of 2018 until he had to resign two years later. he is He had to leave his dream job because his wife was very ill.

For the past year and a half, he has worked on the farm at his home in Vang in Valdris and ran the training guidelines through his website.

Called after height collection interruption

Vossholm says she has had a small relationship with Rogen before since his time on the national junior team and knows that as the national team coach he has worked well with Ole Morten Iversen.

So he took Vossholm reached out to him after collecting the length she had to cancel in September. They wanted someone who could take on the role of home-training father over time.

– He told my father that he is the best

When asked by NRK why she went to the step of bringing in a coach after having to come home from the heights, the 20-year-old replied that she had been thinking about the idea for a while and that it was also about coincidences.

– Of course, my father was with me all my life. I understand that it can be hard to let go. But I told my dad it was better for him not to have much to do. Jer Indri and Ole Morten and I have a close conversation. They’re on the same wavelength, both technically and in terms of training.

Cross country women's national team

Actions taken: Helen Marie Vossholm, here during a national team meeting earlier this year.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Admits some skepticism from the Ski Association

But Roe admits one thing:

– It’s a special thing to enter an Olympic season in the fall. It’s very exciting, although I like to work over time. But this is not just cooperation towards the Olympics, but towards what comes next as well.

– But have you received only positive signals from the Norwegian Ski Association?

– There might be a little doubt there. You don’t want to be like Sweden; Many of the national team players work closely with other coaches as well. I’ve been in the system before and had a good collaboration with Ole Morten, says Rogen, which was seen as a good solution.

– Weakens the national team model

Frederick Auckland

NRK Expert: Frederick Auckland, pictured here during the restroom in Seefeld in 2019.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

NRK expert Frederick Oakland believes he’s not so lucky for the national team, that he will do better, create the best development environment – and of course the accomplishments together, which Fossesholm has chosen to bring in a new coach from abroad.

He points out that the result could be, for example, that athletes train very differently in quantity and intensity, and end up with many different programmes.

– I think it weakens the national team model. Helen is a talent we haven’t seen before in many years. Oakland says that, as a young player, she chose not to take full advantage of the national team system, but is pursuing her own scheme, this sends a bad signal to Ski-Norge.

To this criticism, Fossesholm responds as follows:

– First of all, it is important for me to note that in no way do I want to move away from the model of the national team. Ole Morten will of course be my coach on equal terms as before, and I have good ongoing dialogue and training sessions with Ole Morten just as he has been so far.

– What kind of signal are you sending, it’s hard for me to say anything about it. Geir Endre was a member of the Ski Association and knows how it’s done. It’s not about having my own plan, but thinking long term is an important part of my career. There has always been a dialogue between all parties.

– Works against the Swedish Ski Association


Collaborated by: Geir Andre Rogen and Ole Morten Iversen.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

National team coach Ole Morten Iversen believes the solution is positive for Fussholm. He understands that elite athletes are their coach 80 percent of the time. This requires that they take great ownership and responsibility for their own training. He also asserts that a number of elite athletes have their sparring partners at home.

However, Iverson agrees one hundred percent with expert NRK Aukland, but the doubts of his coaches outside the national team do not apply in this case. Iversen was the coach of the national team of Sweden.

– The difference from Norway and Sweden is that the personal trainers there are largely working with the Swedish Ski Association, to put things a bit over the edge. They have different philosophies and their own things happen. If there are athletes with personal trainers who do not trust the national team, this can be an obvious problem and danger.

– But skilled coaches in Norway, in regional clubs and teams, are working With Connected. They have the same basic direction and philosophy. The same is the case with Non Indri as well. It has been part of the system for many years. We agree on most things when it comes to training. He wants the best Helen. Iverson says the athlete is the center.

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