Wage Settlement 2024, Mediation | Arbitration is several hours of overtime – yet another general strike is at risk

Wage Settlement 2024, Mediation |  Arbitration is several hours of overtime – yet another general strike is at risk

At midnight on Sunday night, the original deadline for mediation on this year's lead settlement ended. National mediator Mats Ruland confirmed to NTB that they will stay for several hours in the future.

– Parties agree to mediate overnight. That is, employees go to work as usual and, unless otherwise notified, write joint venture from night to Sunday on their websites.

to do NRK Rowland said there are many other topics that will need to be addressed in the coming hours. He doesn't want to comment on which topics are the most difficult, but says there are many questions.

If Fellesforbundet and Norwegian Industry do not cooperate, 14,301 workers will go on strike from Monday, and 14,904 members from Thursday at 6 p.m.

That means 30,000 members from more than 730 companies could go on strike next week.

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They use the night

An hour before the deadline, Ruland announced that the arbitration would be extended into the early hours of the night.

– The night will be used here, and no one will get any break in the coming hours. We have to work hard until everything is resolved here, Ruland added VG.

Two hours earlier, the ombudsman had said that progress had been made in the past few hours, but there were still many questions that had not been clarified. He did not want to say anything about the extent of the gap between the parties.

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Not known to the public

Forced mediation has been underway since Wednesday morning after both sides agreed that no agreement could be reached without the help of a mediator.

It is not yet known to the public how much the union is seeking in wage increases this year. What is implied is that the wage settlement should ensure that everyone increases their purchasing power. This represents a solution of about 5 percent.

The front-line solution applies to industry exposed to competition, resulting in a norm that respects and follows organized working life. Its aim is to ensure an equitable wage structure between occupational groups that keeps price inflation under control, unemployment low and does not contribute to weakening international competitiveness.

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