War – a spy network exposed by special cameras

War – a spy network exposed by special cameras

A group of Russian spies who allegedly sabotaged arms shipments to Ukraine are said to have been arrested in Poland. The network was detected by their cameras, which they set up at the border between the two countries, according to the Polish Broadcasting Channel RMF24reproduced before aftonbladet.

Found by rail

Poland’s Security Service got into action after they discovered dozens of hidden cameras on railway lines in various parts of the country – including at the Rzeszow-Jasionka airport, which is used to send Western arms and ammunition to Ukraine.

The broadcaster reported that the suspected spies were arrested at the border.

EXSPION: Russian President Vladimir Putin has a background in the KGB. Photo: Pavel Bednyakov/Sputnik/AFP/NTB
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The Polish Security Service has not commented or confirmed the information – but a spokesman for Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski wrote on Twitter that a press conference is being held on the occasion of the RMF 24 information on Thursday at 11.

The Kremlin has not commented on the matter either.

– Work as large as possible

Maciej Matysiak, the former head of Polish intelligence, believed that the task of the alleged spies was to gather information and prepare the sabotage.

– It’s about the number of transports, the security they have, and what kind of equipment is being sent to Ukraine from the West, he told RMF 24.

Matisiak further believes that the Russians may have prepared a major sabotage operation, based on the fact that the cameras were found in very different places in Poland.

– For example, we had an attack on a munitions factory in the Czech Republic, he says – and points out Explosions in several warehouses in Verbatis, in the east of the country, in 2014. The Czech Security Service identified the Russian GRU sabotage unit as responsible; The aim is said to have been to prevent weapons from being delivered to Ukraine.

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