War in Ukraine, Halton Municipality

War in Ukraine, Halton Municipality

– It is natural for crisis management to meet to discuss the possible consequences of the ongoing war in the immediate area of ​​Norway. We are associated with national security assessments and now it is safe to live in Norway. At the same time, it’s appropriate to reconsider the procedure, so we’re better prepared for the situation to change, says Roar Wellsstadt, director of municipal affairs at Halton Municipality.

Halton Municipality wants to share some information about iodine tablets, shelters and self-preparation.

Iodine tablets

The Halton Municipality is responsible for providing iodine tablets to kindergarten children and school children during the day when children are not at home. In addition, iodine tablets are the individual’s own responsibility. Iodine tablets have been in stock in the municipality for many years and are reserved for children, adolescents, breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Regardless of the situation in Ukraine, the municipality has this warehouse as part of the normal emergency preparedness. The need for iodine tablets can easily be created by an accident involving a nuclear submarine or nuclear reactor continuously traveling off the coast of Norway or by a Porsche operation.

What are you doing now?

* Distribution: Halton Municipality’s iodine tablets are stored together in one warehouse, but after a new assessment, the municipality has decided that the tablets should be distributed to several locations around the municipality. This will be done in a few days.

* Consent: If the municipality wants to provide iodine tablets to children in kindergarten or schools, the municipality of Halton needs parental approval. We do not have such approval, and if we need these pills occasionally, time will be limited. Therefore, the municipality will receive the necessary approval from the parents shortly. Obtaining such approval will no longer be repeated at the beginning of each school and kindergarten year.

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More info:

In the event of a nuclear accident, radioactive iodine is released into the air and taken up by the thyroid gland. The purpose of consuming natural iodine in such situations is to prevent the absorption of radioactive iodine. By doing this, you can reduce the risk of thyroid cancer in the future. Children and adolescents under the age of 18, pregnant and lactating women are at increased risk of developing thyroid cancer themselves or their baby after exposure to radioactive iodine. So it is very important that these groups take iodine tablets. It is not recommended for people over 40 to take iodine tablets. This also applies to those who have had their thyroid gland removed. People under the age of 40, on the other hand, are advised to keep such pills at home, says Kjersti Gjøsund, chief physician at Haldon Municipality.

The Directorate for Radiation Protection and Atomic Energy (DSA) writes that “there is no need to take iodine tablets in Norway” in connection with the war in Ukraine as a result of the large geographical distance to Ukraine.


Shelters are intended to protect civilians from acts of war. In peacetime, they are often used for other activities. The facility must be cleaned and ready within 72 hours. The Directorate General of Civil Defense and Emergency Planning (DSB) oversees the overall construction of the shelters.

There are three public hostels in Halton:

* Oscleva

* Skippercada

* Rødsfjellet

In addition to public shelters, there are many private shelters that property users may want to use on a daily basis. These are the responsibility of the owner. Shelters in schools or nursing homes belong to this group, so they are not considered public shelters.

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What do we do now?

Halton Municipality is now reviewing the municipality’s practices for shelters. We do this to be as well prepared as possible if the situation in Norway changes. There will be more normal peace activities in our shelters.

This is what you need to know about emergency preparedness

Self-readiness: Think about the dangers and accidents that can affect you at home and prepare yourself as much as you can. This is the general advice of the Directorate General of Civil Defense and Emergency Planning (DSB). Regardless of what crisis you are worried about, it is wise to think about how a particular self-product can be.

The readiness of the municipality: Halton Municipality has plans to protect citizens even in the event of unwanted incidents and a contingency agency. On our website you can always read other useful information about our planning and organization for emergencies and emergency preparedness.

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