War in Ukraine: – Return wherever possible

War in Ukraine: - Return wherever possible

On Thursday afternoon, Geir Hågen Karlsen, headmaster of the Norwegian Defense College and lieutenant colonel, told Dagbladet that Russia is now turning to all possible places to capture weapons. After Russia received drones from Iran, the US believes North Korea is supplying them with artillery shells.

– including reports of bleak prospects for the Russian economy Financial Times And Reuters. How do you think this will affect Russia’s war?

– The most important Western sanctions are industrial sanctions, which restrict the export of technology, raw materials and components needed by the Russian arms industry. These obstacles bite. We see this having effects on Russia’s arms and munitions production, and we know that much advanced Russian equipment is packed with Western components, so it has a direct impact on Russia’s ability to fight.

– This is probably the reason why Russia imports large quantities of drones and missiles from countries like Iran, which means they are unable to manufacture them.

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Weapons of North Korea

– What do you think about the US accusing North Korea of ​​supplying Russia with artillery shells?

– This probably goes along the lines of what we’ve seen with Iran, which is that Russia is having major problems continuing weapons production due to Western sanctions. So, they turn to wherever they can get weapons, and then states with large military forces and large arms industries like Iran and North Korea are relevant.

– Both of these countries have been under Western sanctions for a long, long time, and have developed the ability to produce weapons and equipment without Western technology.

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Carlson adds:

– Of course, it also shows a kind of desperation, because North Korea isn’t the first weapons store one turns to.

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threatened Norway

On Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry threatened Norway that “any unfriendly action will be met with an appropriate response”. Carlson believes that one should not take it too seriously.

– This is expected rhetoric, and one we’ve heard for some time. Carlson tells Talkblade that the whole Russian rhetoric, specifically targeting the population of Russia, is about them being at war with the West.

– then it is appropriate to make false claims that Norway is intensifying and progressing. It is true that it was Russia that went to war against Ukraine and over time built new bases in the northern regions. I don’t think we should take this too seriously.

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