War in Ukraine – Second Week of the War:

War in Ukraine - Second Week of the War:

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has now lasted two weeks, and Lt. Gen. Arne Bart Dalhousie believes last week was marked by a lack of Russian military progress.

– If you look at a bird’s eye view of the past week, there have generally been no dramatic changes in the deployment of troops. There are not many moves on them, says Dalhousie.

Lieutenant General Former Head of the Department of Defense Policy and Long-Term Planning, Head of the Security Forces and Norway’s Representative to NATO’s Military Group.

Dagbladet is now mapping the attacks of the Russians day by day. Tap the arrows on the map to continue the invasion!

According to Dalhousie, the situation around Kiev today is not much different than it was a week ago.

– The news picture released last week shows that the Russians have been detained in the area around Kiev. This column is north of Hostomel Airport and is currently a short distance from the capital.

He explains that Russians are interested in entering West Kay, where, among other things, parliament and government quarters are located. Dalhousie says they haven’t made much progress here either.

– Panic

There are several theories about the Russian column moving north from Belarus, and it is located northwest of Kiev.

– The road system is very bad and they often get stuck because they can’t move off the road. They have been in great trouble for not being able to get off the road.

Ukraine used aircraft against the column, and forces moved deeper and attacked the Russians in weaker parties.

Opposition: On Thursday, March 10, Russian forces confronted Ukrainian opposition in Proveri outside Kiev. Video: Twitter. Reporter: Magnus Boss / Duplicated TV.
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– The Ukrainians not only detained them, but attacked them in the north. He says when they go 60-70 kilometers on a road, it becomes clear that you cannot protect the entire column.

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He thinks this is because the Russians started with much lighter powers.

– When they started, they started with very light forces, and then I think it stopped. It was done in panic as it had done in previous wars. Vehicles were dispatched to the extent that they could not handle the road network. It is in panic that it is sent to very heavy fields that depend on being on the road, Dulhak explains.

– Professional speaking logistics

U.S. Defense Specialist John W. Spencer also believes Russia has missed its attack.

– There is an expression that amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics. Spencer told Docbladet on Wednesday that you should not attack such a large country without a logistics plan.

He is a former Major in the U.S. Army and an expert in the Civil War.

Spencer believes Russia has completely missed the intelligence, and says they have completely misread the situation.

– A military plan requires an assessment of what might happen, and the Russians thought what the Ukrainians would do and made the complete mistake of what they could do.

He believes the Russians are simply not ready for war.

– Training, Products and Leadership – All strategy from top to bottom is catastrophically flawed. Major says Russia is losing this and is showing the rest of the world that they are not big and strong.

– Hard to get out

The second week of the Ukrainian war is marked by civilian casualties. Ukrainian officials said on Thursday that at least 71 children had been killed and more than 100 wounded since the war began.

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Kharkiv: Ukrainian journalist Serhii Prokopenko filmed the conditions in one of Kharkiv’s dormitories and sent it to Dagbladet TV. Video: Serhii Prokopenko / Gwara Media
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“Over the past week, a lot of ugly things have happened based on what the citizens have revealed, and then I think about what happened at the Irbine, Kharkiv care and maternity hospital in Mariupol,” he says. Dalhousie.

At least three people have been killed and 17 others injured in a Russian attack on a maternity ward hospital in Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine on Wednesday.

According to the UN, Mariupol is the third maternity ward to be destroyed in Ukraine since Russia began its invasion. Jaime Nadal, head of the UN Population Fund’s mission in Ukraine, said in a video conference on Thursday that similar hospitals in the cities of Zhytomyr and Saltivsky had been completely destroyed.

– It is also difficult to evict civilians – especially from Mariupol. Humanitarian routes have been revealed to have functioned poorly. The ceasefire was broken by the Russians and the civilians were not expelled as they thought. Dalhousie says there were mines in some places, and that the Russians shot and killed those who tried to flee the corridors.

Ukrainian officials say civilians trying to flee the southeastern city of Mariupol have come under Russian attack.

On Thursday night, Ukrainian authorities announced that Russian bombings had prevented civilians from leaving Kiev, Mariupol, Sumi, Kharkiv, Volnovoka and Mykolayiv. In the town of Okhtyrka, south of Sumi, at least three civilians were killed – a 13-year-old boy and two girls.

– Not accurate enough

Dalhousie believes that the Russians were not careful enough to cause civilian destruction.

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– I do not think this happened because they specifically pointed to civilian targets. I think the reason for this is that they do not pay enough attention. This has been shown to apply to previous military operations involving the Russian Wars. In the First and Second Chechnya wars and in Syria, says the Lieutenant General.

He points out that one has a responsibility to prevent the attainment of civilian goals, but he does not believe that this is something that the Russians make a priority.

NB! Strong posts: Shocking pictures of the severely affected Mariupol show the daily life of the public. Many attempts to establish a humanitarian route to evacuate people have failed. As a result, there is a shortage of essential items and power outages. Reporter: Jonas Kartstein Anderson.
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– The Russians use so-called stupid bombs, which means “dumb bombs” they throw from aircraft, which were used during World War II and are not controlled in any way. While one has a responsibility not to land where they should not, they are not accurate enough in avoiding areas inhabited by civilians, Dulhak explains.

The so-called “dumb bombs” or free-fall bombs do not have a control system and only follow a ballistic path.

Local authorities in the Luhansk region say at least ten people have been killed in a Russian attack in the eastern Ukrainian city of Siverodonetsk on Tuesday.

Dagbladet also did a daily overview of the first week of the war. See review here!

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