War in Ukraine – Unknown problem:

War in Ukraine – Unknown problem:

Many Russian soldiers have refused to move to other parts of Ukraine, including several media outlets Defender.

Avisa writes that soldiers in a Russian battalion were told to be ready to go, but many of them refused because they did not support the invasion.

Many problems

In the Telegram, pictures are now being shared of what contracts new soldiers have to sign in order to be recruited into Russian forces.

– We do not know who received these. But there is a lot of effort in recruitment – no doubt about it. In principle, everyone in Russia has the same system. Retired lieutenant general Arne Bartt Dulhawk explains to Dockbladet that soldiers cannot be sent to other countries without signing a contract like Norway.

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Dalhousie has listed a number of issues and challenges facing Putin in terms of possible recruitment.

– Now they are trying to recruit new players through companies, mercenaries and so-called Wagner Group Without it working properly. The problem is, it’s the biggest challenge when you put them together in one field. That problem is already huge.

– Why is that a problem?

– These people often do not know each other before, and it is not certain that they work well from day one. It’s like buying a new football team. You may have many good players, but given that they will win everything to get started, he believes.

Support: Vladimir Putin reunites with wounded Russian soldier in 1999.  Many now do not know if he can recruit enough players.  Photo: REUTERS / NTB

Support: Vladimir Putin reunites with wounded Russian soldier in 1999. Many now do not know if he can recruit enough players. Photo: REUTERS / NTB
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But the challenges do not stop there.

– As it is recruited from many parts of the world, there will be big challenges when it comes to language, says Dalhousie.

– What kind of consequences will it have?

– It can affect themselves and the public. How do you get an order if not everyone understands what is being said? If you do not understand what the soldiers say, how to train weapons? Many underestimate the serious need for the necessary training, he says.

Limited option to fight

Already in the early stages of the war, one was announced Low morale among Russian soldiers. Videos of Russian prisoners of war crying and videos of their mothers being called home went around the world, and many said they did not know where they were.

Dalhousie knows that the situation will not improve until Russia makes progress.

– This has been a problem for a long time. The reason recruitment is so difficult is a clear indication that the will to fight is low. From the one who thinks war is needed, the big thing is to be recruited and want to go to the front.

– I think Putin is afraid that support will not go deep enough to recruit anyone, Dalhousie concludes.

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