War: – Lavrov with a clear warning to NATO

War: - Lavrov with a clear warning to NATO

Still, the spectacle of the true face of war, with powerful images of bombed-out homes, hospitals, and government buildings, spreads across the world.

Despite 28 long days of war and millions fleeing, Russia shows no signs of backing down, on the contrary, if one is to believe Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

at Interview with CNN He claims that everything is going as planned.

– Peskov said it was a serious operation with serious intentions.

The United States is trying to humiliate Russia

Peskov is not the only Russian to comment on the escalating situation.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, on Wednesday, made harsh accusations to the United States.

responses: The Russians are responding to this statement by US President Joe Biden. Video: AP
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He says the United States has tried to humiliate, reduce, divide and destroy Russia, according to Reuters.

Medvedev is known for his existence Putin’s close allies believe that such a plan from the United States, if realized, would have dire consequences for the world.

“Russia will never accept such a development,” Medvedev said in a video statement on Telegram.

It can lead to confrontation

Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, will make several startling statements on Wednesday morning.

He claims that the United States wants to block peace talks with Ukraine.

– Negotiations are difficult and the Ukrainian side is constantly changing its position. Lavrov told students in Moscow on Wednesday that it was hard to avoid the impression that our American colleagues were holding hands.

The secretary of state says he believes the United States wants to keep Russia in a militarized state for as long as possible.

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At the same time, NATO issues a clear warning against sending peacekeepers to Ukraine.

This would be a “direct clash” between the Russian armed forces and NATO, which not only everyone tried to avoid, but should not, in principle, take place, Lavrov says.

This comes after Poland last week expressed its desire to send peacekeepers on an international mission, with the funds needed to be able to defend itself.

In addition, Russia says that if Poland excludes Russian diplomats, it will be met with measures.

full split

Shortly thereafter, it became known that Poland had chosen to expel 45 Russian diplomats accused of espionage.

The Internal Security Service has drawn up a list of 45 people working in Poland under the guise of diplomatic activities, says ABW spokesperson Stanislaw Zarin, according to NTB.

Zarin says that Russian spies worked on Polish targets, but it is not known which targets or how this happened.

Poland is now summoning a Russian ambassador to meet with the Foreign Ministry in Warsaw, regarding the deportations.

The Foreign Ministry in Moscow, according to the Russian news agency, says it will respond to Polish deportations.

inhumane conditions

The night was marked by new concerns about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The focus is, among other things, on the very vulnerable port city of Mariupol, which is on the verge of collapse after weeks of war.

– As of today, there are about 100,000 people in the city. They are there in inhumane conditions. No food, no water, no medicine. He said that artillery shelling and bomb attacks continued In a speech on Tuesday night,.

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Although negotiations with Russia continue, the president describes the situation as difficult.

And the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister said, on Wednesday, that nine humanitarian corridors had been agreed upon to help people flee, according to Reuters.

An agreement has been reached to attempt to evacuate civilians trapped in Ukrainian cities through nine “humanitarian corridors,” says Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk.

This seems to be the only thing the two countries have been able to agree on.

New letter: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said they would not rest until victory in the war. March 22, 2022. Video: Telegram
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Estimated logistics problems

There is no sign of reducing Russian forces to a minimum, despite fierce opposition from a unified Ukraine.

A US official told several media outlets that Russia has lost 10 percent of its forces in Ukraine since the invasion began.

The United States estimated that Russia had amassed 150,000 soldiers, aircraft, artillery, tanks, and other weapons along the border with Ukraine before the invasion began on February 24.

– For the first time, they may be just under 90 percent, he said in a briefing to American journalists, who Pentagon has been published.

No evidence has been provided for this claim. Moreover, it was alleged, among other things, that the Russian invasion had major logistical and morale problems, he writes Watchman.

The issue continues below the graphic.

White House security adviser Jake Sullivan estimated on Tuesday that there were thousands of casualties on the Russian side, but he did not want to give an exact estimate.

Ukraine’s defense said, on Tuesday, that it believed that Russian forces had enough ammunition, food and fuel for only three days, and that there were reports that hundreds of Russian soldiers had fled.

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However, the attacks continued.

illegal seizure

Ukrainian officials say Russian forces have “looted and destroyed” a laboratory at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Writes Watchman.

The state agency for the management of the exclusion zone said in a statement late Tuesday that the newest laboratory was illegally taken over by Russian occupiers.

theories: There are several theories regarding the letter “Z” used in connection with the Russian war in Ukraine. Video: Associated Press/Reuters. Reporter: Julie Tran.
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The agency says the lab processes radioactive waste and contains highly active samples that it now claims are in enemy hands.

The Russians held the factory during the early days of the war and held the workers hostage for several weeks before releasing anyone.

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