June 8, 2023


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Imam in Islam, Judaism Drum was fired after anti-Semitic statements

War/Struggle, Politics Soros says World War III may be underway and this civilization may collapse

Soros made the allegations during his traditional dinner address on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Tuesday.

The Hungarian-born investor and philanthropist said, “Maybe the invasion was the start of World War III and our civilization may be lost.”

Soros thinks there may only be one solution.

We must mobilize all our resources to end the war early. Soros said the best and perhaps the only way to preserve our civilization is to fight (Russian President Vladimir) Putin as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, he praised the United States and Europe for supporting Ukraine, but said he believed Europe’s dependence on Russian energy was still too great.

However, Soros believes that Europe could be in a stronger position against Putin than Putin himself realizes.

The billionaire claimed that Russia began storing gas last year instead of exporting it to Europe, which led to a shortage in the market, which pushed prices up and provided Russia with significant revenues. However, Russian depots will be full in July, and there will be nowhere else to send gas to Europe, Soros claimed.

Putin is in trouble. He has to do something about this gas. The billionaire said Europe is in a much stronger position than he thinks.

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